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Precision Agriculture: How Certified Scales Enhance Farming Practices

Scales have long been part of trade and agriculture. From ancient Egypt and China to the Roman Empire and onward, various traders and merchants have used scales to assess the value of goods....

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Certified Scales Help Ensure Safety & Compliance in the Food Processing Industry

Processing and selling food is a highly regulated industry. It requires adherence to safety standards and protocols, including precise measuring on a certified industrial scale in Alberta. This article will explore scale certification...

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The impact of weighing accuracy on quality control in the manufacturing industry

The impact of Weighing Accuracy on Quality Control in the Manufacturing Industry

Precision is paramount in the manufacturing industry. Every component, every material and every step must be followed to a tee to produce exceptional quality goods. That’s why weighing accuracy plays such a vital...

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Mastering The Best Practices for Weighing Livestock in Alberta

From sprawling cattle ranches across Alberta's vast prairies to bustling pig farms, livestock's health and productivity directly impact the province's economy and cultural heritage. Every ounce counts, and precise animal measurement isn't just...

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Maximizing Supply Chain Efficiency with Alberta's Digital Computing Scale

Maximizing Supply Chain Efficiency with Alberta’s Digital Computing Scale

Alberta's diverse economy thrives on efficient supply chains. From bustling farms to sprawling manufacturing plants, keeping the goods moving smoothly is critical. However, outdated weighing practices can create bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and costly errors....

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Exploring the benefits of wireless connectivity for industrial scales

Exploring The Benefits of Wireless Connectivity for Industrial Scales

Wireless connectivity is revolutionizing the way industrial scales operate in Calgary. By eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and enabling seamless data access and monitoring, wireless connectivity offers countless benefits for businesses that...

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Weigh Stations for Truck

What Trucks Have To Stop At Weigh Stations In Alberta?

If the truck you’re taking on an Alberta highway isn’t a private passenger vehicle, it’s subject to regulations for commercial vehicles. That means you’ll need to know its weight, especially if you’re carrying...

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Scale Repair Services

What to Know About a Broken Scale Load Cell

You could think of the load cell as the brain of your scale. It translates force into digital values you can read and record. A failing load cell results in inaccurate readings or...

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Vehicle Scales for Truck

The Different Types Of Vehicle Scales

Vehicle scales are used by regulatory authorities to ensure vehicle weights on highways and bridges fall within safe limits. Businesses use them to ensure compliance and to measure load quantities. Here’s a guide...

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Commercial Weigh Scale Rental

Rent or Buy? Deciding on Scale Rentals vs Purchases

Although you may use industrial scales daily for your business, you may not necessarily need to buy them. In some situations, renting your scales is a more logical and cost-effective option. But how...

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Scale Repair

Can A Pallet Scale Be Repaired?

Your pallet scales take a beating. Also called floor scales, pallet scales operate in harsh conditions. Dust, spills, overloads and dropped pallets are just some of the hazards they endure daily. A scale...

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Floor Scales for Industrial Company

Best Scales For The Recycling And Solid Waste Management Industry

Scales are integral in the waste management and recycling industry. They track the amount of waste collected and monitor the inputs and outputs during material recovery and disposal. There are many types of...

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Why renting scales may be better for your business

If you work in the manufacturing, livestock, transport or material handling industries, chances are you know how important it is to have reliable and accurate scales for weighing products and raw materials. However,...

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Is your hopper scale system accurate?

Hopper scales weigh commodities stored in large containers. Like any industrial scale, hopper scales must repeatedly deliver precise and accurate readings. How do you know if your hopper weigh scale gives accurate results?...

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Counting Scale Buying Guide

Counting scales weigh and count objects simultaneously. The scales come in various sizes and models and are helpful for warehouses, factories, retail stores and quality control centres. Here are some tips for choosing...

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Complete Guide: How To Chose Your Crane And Hanging Scales?

Hanging scales, also known as crane scales, work differently than pan or platform scales. Instead of placing an item in the weighing...

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How To Choose The Right Floor Scale For The Job

Floor scales are used in many industries, including agriculture, mining and transportation. There are many different types of floor...

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How Does A Forklift System Work?

Using a forklift scale is an efficient way to weigh objects while moving them around. They’re excellent weighing devices for warehouses and shipyards. But how do they work? Here’s a quick explanation of...

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Crane scales vs dynamometers

Crane scales and dynamometers are measuring devices that weigh suspended loads. Although they may look similar, each has its use, and they aren’t always interchangeable. Knowing the differences between a crane scale and...

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The importance of buying a commercial scale from a reputable company

Purchasing a commercial scale online may be convenient, but it’s risky. Many online retailers boast ultralow prices. However, the scales they sell are often subpar, and there’s no way to tell if they...

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How to connect your digital computing scale to your computer?

Scales do more than weigh an object. Retail computing scales like the Kilotech KRS-3000 price computing scale also collect and store data so you can easily track sales, monitor inventory, and access records....

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What you need to know about commercial scale certification

Scales do more than weigh an object. Retail computing scales like the Kilotech KRS-3000 price computing scale also collect and store data so you can easily track sales, monitor inventory, and access records....

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4 features to look for in a truck scale

Truck scales, also known as weighbridges, provide cargo weight readings by comparing the axle and gross weight of the empty truck against that of the loaded truck. These measures are essential to ensure...

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3 advantages of weighing scales in the mining industry

There are several advantages to using accurate and durable weighing scales in the mining industry. Scales help businesses comply with government and industry regulations and increase efficiency and profitability. Here are three ways...

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How to control inventory using a counting scale

Taking inventory is a tedious yet essential process for many businesses. Counting scales help companies tally small, uniform pieces such as screws, candy, beads and trinkets with ease. Moreover, using a counting scale...

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Do you need waterproof scales?

Waterproof scales are incredibly versatile. On top of being resistant to liquids, they're highly durable and suitable for many commercial operations. Here are a few reasons why your business can benefit from waterproof...

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5 tips for legally weighing goods

If you sell or transport goods by weight, you must follow specific rules. The federal government implements regulations that protect buyers and sellers and establishes consistent practices and processes across Canada. Here are...

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A brief guide to bench scales

Bench scales are compact, affordable and versatile tools suitable for various commercial applications. However, there are many models and styles to choose from with different functions and features. Here’s some helpful information about...

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Scales FAQs: What is the difference between readability and accuracy?

Scales with high readability are more accurate than scales with low readability and higher capacity, right? Wrong. That’s because readability and accuracy aren’t the same things. A scale with high readability may still...

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Different ways to check your scale is calibrated correctly

Accurate measurements improve customer confidence, reduce stress on your fleet and ensure your business complies with transportation and trade regulations. Here are some ways to ensure the scale you’re using is properly calibrated....

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4 benefits of using scales on farms

The agricultural industry is varied and requires an array of specialized tools. Besides tractors, trucks, and hay bailers, farmers must use scales to maximize their profits, track production and follow the law. The...

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5 advantages of using crane scales

Crane scales make weighing large, bulky objects safe and easy. They can be used in a variety of commercial industries, including construction and shipping. Here’s an overview of how crane scales work and...

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How to get the most out of your pallet truck scale

Pallet truck scales are manoeuvrable and efficient tools that are used to weigh and move cargo on pallets. These invaluable measuring tools are most often used in warehouses and at shipping docks. Here...

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6 tips for using scales in the field

Portable bench scales are ideal for fieldwork. However, they’re sensitive to inclement weather and uneven terrain. Therefore, you must prepare before venturing out into remote areas. Follow these six tips for using your...

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8 uses for industrial hanging scales

Hanging scales accurately weigh large and heavy loads by suspending them rather than placing them on a platform. This makes them extremely useful for a variety of applications. Additionally, hanging scales are easy...

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What’s the difference between a platform scale and a floor scale?

Platform and floor scales are the most common in commercial and industrial businesses. While similar in many ways, platform and floor scales have critical differences to consider before you choose a new scale...

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Fun facts you didn’t know about scales

Humans have been using scales for thousands of years. Today, they’re part of our daily lives — we use them to weigh ourselves in the bathroom, to buy Brussels sprouts and fish or...

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Guide to scales for the cannabis industry in Alberta

Since cannabis was legalized in Alberta in 2018, retailers and dispensaries have been opening throughout the province. Weigh scales and precision balances are essential and legally required tools in marijuana production and sales....

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5 tips for maintaining an industrial scale

Regular maintenance ensures your industrial weigh scales are accurate and prevents downtime due to repairs, which ultimately saves you money. Here are a few things you can do to take better care of...

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4 benefits of portable truck scales

Accurate, dependable truck scales are essential for the safety of your drivers and your trucks. If you operate a business in the construction, mining or agricultural sector, inaccurate or inconsistent measurements can equate...

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Why scales are crucial for the construction industry

Precision in the construction industry is a must. Safety and profits rely on accurate and dependable weight measurements. Errors or miscalculations can lead to fines, lost income, injuries and more. Here are some...

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Scales vs. balances: what’s the difference?

Scales and balances are both weighing devices. However, the terms aren’t interchangeable. There are practical and technical differences between scales and balances. Recognizing the distinctions can help you determine which weighing devices will...

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What to know about scales for your brewery

A superior beer requires a perfect combination of barley, hops, malt and yeast. A single miscalculation or mistake can alter the brew’s taste and properties. Therefore, breweries require precise scales to ensure quality...

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4 tips for weighing livestock

Successfully weaning, breeding and identifying health issues in your animals requires you to have accurate weight measurements. However, there are several variables you need to consider when weighing your livestock, any of which...

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6 industries that benefit from floor scales

Many industries use floor scales. This is because these measuring devices are versatile and able to easily and accurately weigh large loads. Here are six industries that may benefit from having this type...

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4 benefits of printing weight data

A retail scale can be an invaluable tool for various businesses, and many are equipped to connect to a printer wirelessly. Indeed, printing your weight data has more advantages than using a scale...

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4 features to look for in a retail scale

Scales are an essential tool for any business selling products by weight. However, there are a variety of retail scales to choose from with different features and functions. And while every commercial business...

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How to choose the right scale for your warehouse

Safety and efficiency are primary concerns for all warehouse operations. It’s important to have good processes in place for handling and moving materials. Scales are used to weigh objects in order to determine...

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5 signs your industrial scale may need to be replaced

Industrial scales must be accurate and reliable to ensure safe and successful operations. Unfortunately, they can become less dependable over time — especially if they’re not properly handled, maintained and stored. Here are...

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Top 6 scales for the mining industry

Mining companies handle loads of heavy materials that need to be weighed, crushed and processed. The industry relies on accurate scales to increase efficiency and reduce waste. These scales also need to be...

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