Scale Rental

Certified Scale Rental Services in Calgary

Scale rental is an inexpensive alternative for those who may require the use of a scale only a few times a year. With a variety of weighing scale equipment and instruments in our rental fleet, our team of experts can fulfill any requirements.

Certified Equipment Available For Rent

Adhering to the scale certification that holds great importance in Calgary and across Canada, quality at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is ensured from the initial contact to the final installation stage. We believe that everyone in the modern marketplace should be aware of and take responsibility for fair measurement.


CCT10-30 Counting Scale

Accurate 20 PLUS for parts weight- easy storage and retrieval.


Western HST.WPW Floor Scale

Fully electronic scale best suited for pallet weighing and other warehouse or shipping applications.


2K Crane Scale System

Weighing experts with a variety of solutions. We have rentals, calibration, tension gauges and Dynamometers for all of your needs.


10K Crane Scale System


50K Crane Scale System


100K Crane Scale System


Benefits of Renting With Us

We maintain a very high standard of quality, professionalism and corporate integrity. Our continued commitment to service sets us apart. When you invest in Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., you get the finest scale equipment, the benefit of continuous scale calibration and support.

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Scale rental is an inexpensive alternative for those who may require a scale only a few times a year.

Authorized And Certified Service Providers

We have been accredited as authorized scale inspectors by Measurement Canada. Under the Weights and Measures Act, we can certify trade devices on behalf of Measurement Canada. Every piece of rental equipment is inspected by us to ensure its adherence to the regulations.