Scale Certification

Scale Inspection and Certification in Calgary

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we have been accredited by Measurement Canada as authorized scale inspectors. Under the Weights and Measures Act, we can certify trade devices on behalf of Measurement Canada.

What Is Scale Certification?

Measurement Canada requires scales used in retail to be inspected and certified as “legal for trade” to ensure the accuracy and integrity of trade measurement in Canada. This is a very necessary process for businesses to avoid risk and loss in the future if they are caught without the certificates. It involves monitoring the accuracy of measuring devices through a variety of inspections and compliance improvement strategies. Businesses that fail to:

Lost Productivity

Lost productivity and income due to withdrawal of equipment from use

Lost productivity

Lost Income

Lost Income and income due to withdrawal of equipment from use

Lost Income

Fines And Closures

Fines And Closures and income due to withdrawal of equipment from use

Fines And Closures

Company Reputation

Company Reputation and income due to withdrawal of equipment from use

Company Reputation


To Keep Your Equipment In Good Standing, We Recommend:

  • Using your equipment only for its intended measuring purpose – don’t measure material your device is not designed to measure
  • Protecting your equipment from environmental damage
  • Ensuring the device shows measurements clearly
  • Thoroughly training staff on how to use the equipment properly
  • Only buying and using equipment that has been approved, inspected, and certified – check to see if there is a valid sticker or certification, if not, you can get one from an Authorized Service Provider like us or Measurement Canada

Commercial Scale Regulations in Alberta, Canada

If you sell products by weight, you know that you must follow all regulations created by the Measurement Canada Weights and Measures Act. When you fail to follow these regulations, you could face fines, business closures, and ruin your company’s reputation. Worse, when you are not properly measuring your products, you could be affecting your potential business income; therefore, knowing the regulations and staying on top of your scales is the best way to protect your business overall. When you own a business that sells measured goods, you are required to adhere to specific guidelines and regulations. These responsibilities include:

Required Inspections

In 2014, the Act went through some changes that now require owners to have all scales and pumps inspected by a Measurement Canada authorized service provider, like Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. Inspections are mandatory if you sell within dairy, gas or oil, fishing, forestry, grain and field crops, mining, and some retail sectors.

Device Approval

You must have a device approval so that you can prove your device complies with the applicable requirements for your industry. If you have an existing approval, you may need to update it with the revision to an existing approval form. Also, you may need a modification acceptance if you use any accessories on your device.

Calibration Standards

When you have a scale calibrated or serviced, the authorized provider must calibrate in accordance with the Measurement Canada requirements. These standards are what you use to register your device with Measurement Canada.


You are responsible for ensuring that your devices are accurate. Even after it has been approved and inspected, you must continue to service your scales, calibrate, and monitor accuracy. Measurement Canada will investigate any complaints from customers who feel that they received inaccurate measurements, and you could face harsh fines if your device is found to be inaccurate.

Protected and Installed

You must install your device properly, but also protect it from any environmental interferences. If your device is exposed to the elements, it will affect the accuracy; thus, putting your business at risk.

Regulations For Good Measure

Before Confederation in 1867, each province had its own system of regulating weights and measures. After Confederation, the Government of Canada took over as the authority on the issue. The Weights and Measures Act was first passed in 1872, followed by the Gas Inspection Act and the Electric Light Inspection Act, forming the basis of our measurement regulations today. As responsible individuals promoting fair marketplace values, it is accepted of everyone to report any inaccuracies or fraudulent practices that may compromise the integrity of this system. A regulated framework of measurements makes way for a well-functioning economy so all Canadians must work with integrity to aid the cause.

In 1999, Measurement Canada became a special operating agency under Industry Canada. Based in Ottawa, Measurement Canada is responsible for:

Calibration & Certification

Calibrating and certifying measurement standards, including mass, length, volume, temperature, electrical measurements, and more

Calibration & Certification

Instrument Approvals

Instrument Approvals measurement standards, including mass, length, volume, temperature, electrical measurements, and more

Instrument Approvals


Accuracy measurement standards, including mass, length, volume, temperature, electrical measurements, and more


Complaint Investigation

Complaint Investigation measurement standards, including mass, length, volume, temperature, electrical measurements, and more

Complaint Investigation


We are Authorized Service Providers

You are required to use an approved service provider for Measurement Canada. Luckily, the team at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is accredited and can sell, install, calibrate, and repair your Alberta scales efficiently.

We have a team of professionals who have received proper recognition to inspect and certify scales in Alberta. Our team is audited regularly and we continue to meet all regulations set by the government. Our technicians have more than 40 years of combined experience and we offer pre-scheduled maintenance contracts so that your equipment is always in accordance with regulations.

Contact our certified technicians today at 403-250-3232 to find out more about our inspection, certifications, and calibration services. You may also request a quote for your calibration or approval appointment by filling out our contact form.

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