Our Company

Accurate/Western Scale is a distributor for various scale manufacturers offering a wide variety of state of the art weighing equipment and other related products.

The combined years of sale and service experience enable our technicians to provide efficient service, calibration and installation of scale equipment to our growing number of customers.


Commited To Delivering A High Degree Of Customer Satisfaction

The combined years of sales and service experience enable our technicians to provide efficient service, calibration and installation of scale equipment to our growing customers. Our commitment to delivering the highest-quality customer satisfaction to our clients has helped us emerge as Calgary’s trusted industrial weighing partner.

Attention To Detail

We understand the importance of precision in measuring heavy consignment loads. Confirm the weight of your consignment for transportation or measure your load for any other commercial purpose, and we can ensure that we accurately measure the weight to a high degree of precision.

Quality & Precision

All our products are durable and long-lasting. We stock a range of high-quality and smart weighing mechanisms suitable for a range of different industrial applications in varying capacities. Our mechanisms are intelligent, making them ideal for weighing industrial equipment such as machines, raw materials, livestock, automobiles etc.


Over the years of serving clients across Red Deer, Calgary and Alberta, we have acquired valuable expertise and experience in measuring all kinds of loads with complete accuracy with our weighing scales. We strive to help our clients measure all kinds of loads easily without any hassle.


Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is Measurement Canada Accredited

This enables us to be authorized scale inspectors, as well as able to perform inspections and certify specified legal for trade devices on behalf of Measurement Canada under the Weights & Measures Act. We also maintain an internal quality system in accordance to Weights and Measures regulations. Accurate/Western Scales Co. Ltd. maintains a Quality Management System, based on Measurement Canada’s SA-01 Accreditation Standard, and our system is audited on an annual basis by Measurement Canada.


We Currently Employ 4 Service Personnel Who Have Received Recognition From Measurement Canada To Certify Scales.

Trucking Weigh Station

Wade Sidor



Dan Gregory



Tim Easton



Our Vehicle Fleet Includes Two Tandem Test Trucks, Complete With 10,000 Kg Of Certified Test Weights, And Three ¾ Ton Service Vehicles.

The test weights used for calibrations are all traceable standards and are certified by Measurement Canada, ranging from those used on truck scales down to laboratory balances, or from 500 kg to 1 gram.

Our service staff can do on-site installations for scales and peripheral components, as well as on-site conversions from old style mechanical scales to state-of-the-art digital weighing systems. We serve Alberta, and transportation weigh scales are one of our specialties.

We At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd Are Proud Factory Authorized Dealers For: