4 features to look for in a truck scale

Truck scales, also known as weighbridges, provide cargo weight readings by comparing the axle and gross weight of the empty truck against that of the loaded truck. These measures are essential to ensure safety, keep the trucks in good condition, and comply with transportation infrastructure regulations. To help you decide on a truck scale for your operation, here are four features to consider.

1. Permanent versus portable. If you wish to install a permanent truck scale, you’ll need to allow space for trucks to approach the weighing platform. You must also provide enough additional real estate to enable trucks to manoeuvre. Where space doesn’t allow permanent installation, portable truck scales provide an efficient alternative. Versatility is among the portable truck scale’s many advantages. You can use multiple scales simultaneously to deliver a full truck weight reading.

2. Platform mounting.

If you choose a permanent truck scale, you can select either surface-mounted or pit-mounted models. The pit-mounted version is installed by placing the weighing platform over a pit to sit flush with the ground. The surface-mounted scale requires less labour to install, but you’ll need to provide ramp access. When planning to install a truck scale platform, be sure to check with your local authorities to find out what permits you’ll need.

3. Platform material.

Your truck scale platform may be constructed of steel or concrete. The steel platform typically costs less and allows for faster installation. Because it’s lighter in weight, you can move it more easily. However, the steel surface will become slippery in wet conditions and can corrode over time. Concrete is also subject to deterioration with age and weather, but it tends to be more durable under high-traffic conditions.

4. Platform size.

When deciding on platform size, consider both your current capacity needs and any future vehicles you may need to weigh. Platform widths are typically three to five metres, but it’s possible to get wider ones. The length can be as short as six metres or as long as 60 metres.

Industrial scales in Calgary, Alberta

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