4 Reasons to Use a Floor Scale

Also called platform or pallet scales, floor scales weigh items at the ground level. They’re one of the most versatile and efficient weighing systems for warehouses and other industrial contexts. Because they’re so low to the ground, they’re ideal for weighing large and heavy items.

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. carries and installs a wide range of high-quality floor scales. In this article, we tell you why this type of scale is worth considering for your business.

  • They’re versatile: They come in an array of sizes and have an equally wide range of weight capacities. The platform scales we offer at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. have platters as compact as 12” by 12”. Used to measure smaller items with a precision as fine as within 0.002 kg, scales this size have capacities ranging from 6 kg to 30 kg. Our floor scales, on the other hand, are as large as 5’ by 5’ and have capacities as high as 10,000 lbs.

  • They’re convenient: Generally, floor scales are equipped with on-and-off ramps for easy loading and unloading. They’re designed to accommodate pallet jacks, forklifts and other material handling equipment. Large models can also accommodate pallets themselves.

In addition, because of their low height, floor scales are easy to store, with some even being stackable. This allows you to free up more floor space in your facility. Certain models also include wheels, allowing for easy transport.

  • They’re heavy-duty: Floors scales are designed with harsh industrial environments in mind. Made with robust, corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and equipped with heavy-duty load cells, they’re able to withstand constant use, transport and repeated contact with heavy machinery.

  • They’re accurate: When you purchase a floor scale with Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., its size and hardiness is never at the expense of its accuracy. Our state-of-the-art scales provide consistently accurate readings. In addition, our experienced, Measurement Canada-certified technicians are available to perform general maintenance as well as to inspect, calibrate and certify your scale. This ensures that your equipment remains perfectly accurate, compliant and in optimal condition.

Quality floor scales for your Calgary or swift current business Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. can provide your Alberta business with custom-built floor scales and a quick, professional service. We can handle all your inspection, calibration, maintenance and repair needs. For a quote on a floor scale or to have your equipment serviced by one of our highly trained technicians, contact us today.

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