5 Ways to Pick the Right Counting Scales for Your Business in Calgary

Labour remains the largest cost of doing business and manually counting parts or pieces can be tiring and mistakes may occur, particularly if the quantity is large. Counting scales are devices used to count parts, which saves you time and money. The operation of counting scales is rather simple and calls for no special skills.

Counting scales come in various models, sizes, capacities and prices with standard features to suit all types of customers such as floor, platform, or bench scales. In short, most counting scales are special scales used to convert weight information into count information – with a minimum of three displays – the first to show the overall weight, the second to show the piece weight, and the third to show the quantity counted. Many counting scales also have rechargeable battery and low battery indicator. The benefits of a counting scale include:

  • Speed

  • Easy to use

  • Short set up time

  • More accurate results in less time than other methods

Most counting scales have the facility to tell how much each individual item weighs and use an average piece weight (APW) to determine the number of parts on the scale. The scale then calculates the APW, so when an unknown quantity is placed on the scale, it determines exactly how many are there. Some counting scales are designed to work with label or ticket printers. Ethernet modules are available with high counting system to integrate the needs of all types of customers and manufacturing units. These kinds of scales are now found in industries, laboratories, and retail stores all over the world. This instrument is capable of wide applications of numbering of different products. Counting scales are used across the industrial spectrum for:

  • Receiving : Making sure you receive the number of parts you ordered.

  • Production packaging and shipping : Ensuring that only the correct number of parts – not too many or too few – go into your box. This can avoid customer complaints and/or costly product giveaway.

  • Warehouse : Making inventory quick and easy, especially for smaller parts.

Trust Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. for Your Counting Scales in Calgary
Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. also offers counting scales, which can be a great and effective way to check the total weight, unit weight, and number of parts that you have of an item. Incorporated in January, 1992, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. currently occupies a 1500 sq. ft. facility in Calgary including a service bay as well as sales and administration offices. Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is co-owned by Western Scale of Port Coquitlam, BC, one of the largest scale manufacturers in Canada. To learn more about counting scales, our company, the quality of service we provide, or to get a quote, contact us today.

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