Choosing the right company to certify your scale equipment

In 2014 changes were brought to Canada’s Weights and Measures Act requiring that all weighing and measuring devices used for trade in Canada be certified. Every business is responsible for arranging for the certification of their equipment.

Choose an Authorized Service Provider

Only Measurement Canada inspectors and Authorized Service Providers can confer certification. The latter have been accredited by Measurement Canada; by working with them you kill two birds with one stone. For Authorized Service Providers not only certify scales, they’re also qualified to recalibrate scales that provide inaccurate measurements. In such cases, once the scale has been calibrated, certification can then be provided.

Why certification is important

The regulations on scale certification are in place to ensure, first and foremost, fair transactions in the marketplace. When a company’s weighing and measuring devices are certified, customers know they can trust the product and the business. In addition, it facilitates operations on the company’s end by preventing any issues arising from inaccurate measurements. When your weighing or measuring device has been certified, you’re provided with a certification sticker, which indicates to customers and inspectors your compliance to the legal standard. Failure to comply with regulations on scale certification can result in the following negative consequences:

  • Equipment being taken out of service until the issue is resolved, resulting in interrupted operations
  • Your business being subjected to fines
  • Your business being subjected to a closure
  • Your company’s image and reputation being negatively affected

Scale certification in Alberta

Looking for a trusted company to inspect and certify your weighing devices? Then trust the team at Accurate/Western Scale. We have four service personnel who have been accredited as scale inspectors by Measurement Canada. And our highly skilled technicians are able to provide you with efficient scale calibrations. The test weights we use for calibrations are all traceable standards and are certified by Measurement Canada. The weights we work with run the gamut from 1-gram weights used for laboratory balances to the 500-kilogram weights used for truck scales.

Scale certification and calibration is just a small part of what we do at Accurate/Western Scale. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we’re one of the largest scale manufacturers in Canada, and we supply and install a large range of scale equipment, including hopper, tank, truck, rail and axle scales. Our service area includes Calgary, Swift Current and other towns and cities across Alberta and Western Canada. Contact us today for more information.

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