Could Scale Control Systems Help Improve Your Business?

Your business relies on precise measurements to create your products, and also to accurately monitor inventory. Instead of relying on traditional scales, a scale control system could be the ideal solution.

Scale controls ensure accuracy with each batch and prevent completion of your recipes or development process until proper measurements are obtained. By doing so, you reduce waste and improve productivity. 5 Benefits of Using Control Systems for Your Scales in Red Deer, Calgary, and Other Warehouse Locations across Alberta Your warehouse is constantly innovating. While you have high-quality scales in use, you need an innovative way to control. Scale software applications combined with control units provides you with superior control. Here are some important benefits of upgrading your systems with proper scale control systems and related software:

  • Automation of Tedious Tasks Your scales in Calgary and other warehouse locations need weighing and process controls that reduce demands on staff. Scale controls are pre-programmed and specifically designed to make weighing processes easier, automatic, and fast.

  • Control Even the Largest Batches – Batching control systems ensure your ready-mix products and blocks meet all specifications. Batch controls are efficient, configurable, and come with split batching for added versatility.

  • Level and Inventory Control with One Device – Scale software applications programmed correctly measure all inventory counts, giving you precise measurements about what is left in vats or containers. You can set notifications for low vat quantities and create automatic reordering so that inventory remains accurate and well-stocked.

  • Multiple Communication Options – You can purchase a scale control that uses the type of connection you need. From serial communications to wireless and binary code decimal, these checks are customized to suit your existing scales and software.

  • Multiple Configurations – Set up separate workstations to handle combination, batch, or campaign weights with ease.

Where You Purchase a Control Scale in Calgary or Surrounding Areas Matters Companies offering Alberta scale systems, like Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., can customize scale control systems to suit your plant or warehouse applications.

Our scale control systems are calibrated to suit your measuring, inventory control system, and capacity needs. We carry a variety of scales, including scale microcontrollers, custom weighing systems, concrete batch controllers, and FlexWeigh Systems.

Need something suited to your warehouse? The Western Control System is our proprietary unit created for any industry, including wireless systems, highway scales, inventory control, batching and filling systems, and automated bulk weight systems. Our team configures the scale control to suit your needs. It also integrates seamlessly with PCs, RFIDs, and PLCs for universal applications.

Our team can help to maintain your scales for superior accuracy and compliance with all Canadian regulations. To ensure accuracy with each batch, have our team come to your facility and service your scales and control systems throughout the year.

Call us at 403-250-3232 to learn about our controls for scales in Lethbridge, Calgary or surrounding cities within Alberta. You can also request a quote for your monitoring system online by completing this contact form online.

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