Counting Scale Buying Guide

Counting scales weigh and count objects simultaneously. The scales come in various sizes and models and are helpful for warehouses, factories, retail stores and quality control centres. Here are some tips for choosing the best counting scale for your business.

Scale capacity

A higher capacity scale isn’t necessarily better. In fact, the converse is true: the higher the scale’s capacity, the lower its accuracy. Therefore, your best option is to purchase a scale that’s right sized to meet your weighing needs without excess capacity. If you’re measuring many different pieces with varying weights, account for the weight of the lightest and heaviest pieces, and then choose a scale with a capacity suited to that range.


Readability refers to the lowest unit of weight a scale can discern. The smaller the increment, the higher the readability, and the higher the accuracy. It can vary as much as 0.1 gram to 0.0000001 gram. For example, a scale with a capacity of 20 kilograms and readability to 0.001 gram gives a more accurate weight than a scale with a capacity of only two kilograms and a readability of 0.001 gram.


PLU stands for “product look-up.” This feature can speed up the process of weighing different items. You can add items and their weights to the scale’s digital memory, so you don’t have to resample every time. Most models can store between 20 and 25 articles, saving you a lot of time at the cash register.

Negative sampling

Negative sampling allows you to count small pieces more quickly. The function can count the total number of items on the scale by removing a known number of pieces. The scale then calculates the remaining parts after the sample count is taken away.

Remote scale option

If you think you may be weighing heavier items in the future, purchase a scale with a remote scale option so that you can attach a bench scale or a floor scale to the unit. Moreover, choose a model that can connect to your laptop or computer network and automatically populate your databases and spreadsheets. Cheap counting scales generally don’t have this option.

Industrial counting scales in Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we carry a variety of industrial counting scales for any business need. We’re accredited by Measurement Canada, but be aware that our counting scales are not legal for trade: most are not. We serve customers in Alberta and throughout Western Canada. Contact us today to request a quote on a new digital counting scale for your business.

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