Do You Need Different Systems and Scales for Weighing Unattended Vehicles?

Truck scales come in many forms, including attended and unattended weighing scales. Each type has their use and operational requirements. When deploying in-ground weight systems, you must decide between unattended and attended systems.

An unattended vehicle system requires guaranteed precision and a reliable terminal, while attended systems have staff on-site. Today, more government agencies, warehouses, and cargo companies are shifting to unattended weighing so that they can streamline operations without requiring more staff. It takes away the hassles of an operator monitoring weights throughout the day and reduces the chances of human error. Benefits of Using Scale Software Applications for Unattended Vehicles If you are hesitant about upgrading your scales in Red Deer, Calgary, or surrounding cities, these compelling reasons are worth considering. You may find that you lean more favourably toward the unattended weight options over attended weighing:

  • Control the Loading Process – An unattended system integrates with a batch loading system for automatic, unattended loading. The unattended system utilizes the truck scale to load and weigh the cargo simultaneously.

  • Reduce Manpower Demands – An unattended batching scale in Lethbridge and other plant locations reduces workforce demands on your company. The driver interfaces with the system directly via terminals and the controller initiates the load sequence with pre-set weight parameters controlling the load. The terminal can include a ticket printing system for hard copy verification.

  • Innovative Interfaces for Truck Weighing – With the right software application, you can combine camera monitoring, unattended weight terminals, transaction screens, and controllers to automate weighing fully. Furthermore, these calibrated systems are compliant with all transportation regulations.

  • Better Tracking – Unattended systems collect operator data. The system then updates your main interface using a radio frequency card reader (RFID) for instant driver identification and batch loading.

  • Access to New Technology – The technology used in scales is continually transforming. Today, you can add on new features like QWERTY keyboards, instant driver identification systems, intercoms, and so on.

  • Lower Operating Costs – When your warehouse or plant is able to lower operational costs, you increase cash flow for your business. Furthermore, when you utilize an unattended weight system, you can expand service hours without requiring the costs of staff on-hand at all hours.

Where You Purchase Unattended Scales in Calgary Matters Too It is imperative that your unattended systems be compliant with all transportation regulations in Canada and the United States. To ensure that, you must purchase your Alberta scales from a reputable supplier.

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers the technology you need for weighing unattended vehicles and the powerful scale software applications for precision with each batch or load.

Our team not only sells you the scales you need, but we also service and repair those scales so that you do not have to worry about compliance issues down the road.

Call us at 403-250-3232 to learn about weighing unattended scales in Lethbridge, Calgary or Alberta areas. You can also complete an online contact form for quotes on weight control systems.

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