Factors Contributing to Common Scale Malfunctions in Calgary

Your Lethbridge or Red Deer company’s scales and weighing systems are an important part of making sure that your business runs smoothly and that all trade is conducted fairly. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., a trusted distributor of scales in Alberta, we’ve seen time and again the factors that cause scales to stop working as they should.

To ensure that your scales in Lethbridge, Red Deer, and throughout Alberta are working properly, it is important to be aware of the leading causes of common scale malfunctions:

– Mechanical Factors

Scales often malfunction because of issues with the mechanical components of the scale’s load cells. For example, if the load cells’ curve significantly deviates from a straight line, then you will receive inaccurate readings. Malfunctioning load cells can also cause an effect known as “creep,” which is when the load cells indicate a change in output after a load has been left on the scale for a period of time.

– Load Factors

Rather than issues with the scale itself, how the load is applied to the weighing system can also cause inaccurate readings. A load that is improperly aligned will not be picked up accurately by the load cells, and neither will a load that is not entirely supported by the load cells. It is also very important to make sure that the floor under the scale can support both the scale and the load.

– Environmental Factors

It is possible for scales in Lethbridge and Red Deer to display inaccurate readings because of factors in the surrounding environment. Wind and air movement, even in indoor facilities, can exert enough force on a load to alter the weight reading. Temperature changes are also important to consider, especially if they occur during the weighing cycle, because they can cause the load cells to expand or contract. Even vibrations from nearby heavy equipment can be read by the scale as additional force.

– Electrical Factors

Electrical signals are an important component of a weighing system, as they are sent from the load cells to the weight controller, which then displays the weight results. If something interferes with this signal along the way, then the resulting output will be inaccurate. Excess moisture, large temperature changes, electromechanical interference, and radio frequency interference can all result in disturbances to the electrical signal.

Keep Your Alberta Scales Working Properly with Accurate/Western Co. Ltd in Alberta
It is crucial to make sure that your scales in Red Deer, Lethbridge, and throughout Alberta meet all Measurement Canada requirements. Your company’s reputation and success relies in large part on how accurately you provide your products to consumers and clients.

Are you worried that your scales may be malfunctioning? The Lethbridge and Red Deer scales technicians at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offer a variety of services for scales in Alberta that can help ensure your weighing equipment is properly installed and properly maintained.

If you need repair services, scale certifications, or to schedule regular maintenance for your weighing equipment, then you can get started by getting in touch with Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. today.

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