How accurate is your scale?

To do its job properly, a commercial or industrial scale needs to be both precise and accurate. If a scale gives the same result every time you weigh something, then it’s precise. However, if that result isn’t representative of the actual weight of the object, then the scale is inaccurate. That’s a serious problem. Whether you’re weighing a truck or livestock, here’s why scale calibration and certification is so important.

It’s required by law

Any scale used for commercial purposes has to be certified as “legal for trade,” either by a Measurement Canada inspector or by an Authorized Service Provider. That’s because accuracy means money. There’s a staggering range of goods bought and sold by weight across the country, and accurate scales ensure that these transactions happen in a fair marketplace. Accuracy is also a concern for the transportation industry. Inaccurate scales may miss overloaded trucks, which can lead to hefty fines and pose serious safety concerns.

Complying with regulations is good business

Ensuring the accuracy of your equipment will help you avoid setbacks. An inaccurate piece of weighing equipment needs to be repaired as soon as possible, which often involves taking it out of service for some time. This means lower income and productivity, not to mention potential lost profits as a direct consequence of the scale’s inaccuracy. In some cases, a company can be fined for using defective equipment, and its reputation will likely take a hit as a result.

Regular calibration and certification can save you money

Regular calibration ensures that inaccurate equipment is identified quickly. This allows for timely repairs and minimizes potential productivity and profit losses. Sticking to a strict calibration schedule also increases your customers’ satisfaction and results in fewer complaints and refunds.

Pre-scheduled maintenance contracts make complying with mandatory inspection requirements easy and will ensure that your equipment doesn’t stay off the mark for long. Remember, even if a scale is certified, owners and users remain legally responsible for the accuracy of their equipment. Certification guarantees your equipment meets legal requirements, which protects your business and promotes customer confidence.

Authorized Service Providers in Calgary

Scale calibration and certification are crucial for any business that sells goods by weight or transports merchandise. As Authorized Service Providers, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. can provide scale certifications as well as repairs, installations and rentals. Call us today to find out how we can help your business.

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