How pallet truck scales can save time

Pallet jack scales, also called pallet truck scales, are designed for businesses that want to weigh incoming and outgoing cargo with optimal efficiency. Here’s how they can save you a lot of time.

Weigh items on the go

Pallet jack scales are designed to weigh goods as they’re being transported. This eliminates the need to use a static scale. This extra step entails unloading the goods onto the scale, registering their weight then loading them back onto your pallet. This process eats up a lot of time, especially it’s repeated dozens of times in a day. It also makes your business less efficient: the static scale may be out of the way (or in the way), with the weighing station acting as a bottleneck in your operations.

The Intercomp PW800 Pallet Truck Scale, available at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., is particularly efficient for weighing items on the go. It’s fast calculating, has an accuracy of ±0.1% and includes a large, easy-to-read LED display and membrane keyboard for performing weighing functions. It has a push-button print option for recording gross, net, tare and count total.

Transport your scale anywhereA scale on wheels is extremely practical. You can transport it to the load you need to weigh, rather than the other way around. This removes a step in your operations and reduces strain on workers and transportation equipment.

Just be sure that you choose a pallet truck scale that has an ample weight capacity to handle all your cargo. At 5,000 lbs, the PW800 has the industry’s highest standard capacity. And thanks to its rechargeable battery that provides up to 25 hours of continuous use, it’s easy to keep it use-ready.

Prevent wasteful accidents
The ability to weigh the various items you transport and load can prove an important safety measure. For example, if your warehouse has pallet racking, equipping your pallet trucks with scales will reduce the risk of overloading the structure. Excess weight on pallet racking can compromise its structural integrity, leading to major accidents that cost your business time and money and may cause serious, potentially fatal, injuries.

The Intercomp PW800 is designed to provide rapid and reliable weight verification so that workers always have the information they need for safe loading.

Pallet truck scales in Alberta
Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. in Calgary offers numerous top-quality material handling scales, including lift truck scales and the Intercomp PW800 Pallet Truck Scale. For more information about our products and our installation services, contact us today.

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