How to choose the right scale for your warehouse

Safety and efficiency are primary concerns for all warehouse operations. It’s important to have good processes in place for handling and moving materials. Scales are used to weigh objects in order to determine how they can be safely moved. Relying on the correct scale system can improve the overall safety and productivity of your operation. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right scale for your warehouse.

Types of warehouse scales
There are a variety of scales on the market, each with features that best suit different needs and circumstances. Here are some of the most common models used in warehouses.
  • Floor scales are large platforms used to weigh objects that are too heavy to be lifted. They’re generally big enough to weigh a standard pallet, and they come in a variety of sizes such as 4×4 feet, 5×5 feet or 6×6 feet. Pallets can be placed on the platform using ramps or a forklift. Floor scales are versatile, economical and ideal for warehouses with lots of available space.

  • Pallet jack scales have a built-in scale. These two-in-one devices make it easy to weigh objects that need to be transported using a pallet jack. Plus, they’re portable and work well in warehouses with limited space.

  • Bench scales, or checkweighers, are ideal for measuring small parcels. Typically, they’re used to verify that products meet certain weight specifications.

  • Weight bars have two beams that are easily adjustable and make it simple to weigh irregularly shaped pallets with accuracy and mobility. Additionally, they’re great for portable applications.

  • Forklift scales are a hi-tech solution to weighing heavy objects. They lift and weigh your pallet simultaneously by integrating the functions of a forklift with those of a scale. This means they eliminate the need to haul hefty items across your warehouse for measurement. Plus, they’re efficient and easy to use. Although they tend to be pricier, they’re often a worthwhile investment for large operations.

  • Crane scales are used to measure oblong and unstable objects that won’t balance well on a floor scale. Simply hook the item to the crane, and the device will raise it slightly and provide an accurate measurement.

Industrial scales in Calgary

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