How to control inventory using a counting scale

Taking inventory is a tedious yet essential process for many businesses. Counting scales help companies tally small, uniform pieces such as screws, candy, beads and trinkets with ease. Moreover, using a counting scale can increase your business’ efficiency, reduce costly errors and save valuable time. Here’s how to control inventory using a counting scale.

Benefits of using a counting scale Using a counting scale has many benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency. Manually counting hundreds or thousands of small objects is time-consuming. Using a counting scale helps free up employees to do other tasks, drastically increasing productivity and profits.

  • Fewer errors. No matter how diligent, human beings inevitably make mistakes. Counting scales automate the process to prevent costly miscounts, arithmetic errors and typos.

  • Reduced waste. When manually counting inventory or filling orders, humans tend to overcompensate for mistakes by adding one or two extra pieces. Over time, this can add up to thousands of unaccounted for units. Counting scales give exact measurements, so there’s no question about the number of units in your warehouse.

How to use a counting scale

Using a counting scale isn’t complicated and doesn’t require hours of training. To use a one, turn it on and set it to zero. Then, place an empty container on the scale and press the tare button. The tare function eliminates the weight of the container from the total calculation. After taring your scale, place the items you want to measure on the scale. Enter the number of units and press the sample button. The scale will divide the total weight (minus the container) with the number of pieces and determine the exact weight of each piece. The scale will also show you how many pieces are on the scale and the total weight. If you already know the weight of one piece, enter the number and press the unit-weight key. Then, you’re free to add as many units as you’d like to the scale.

Counting scales in Calgary, Red Deer and Swift Current

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