How to Find the Right Calgary Truck Scales for Your Facility

Truck scales are essential for your road cargo or transportation business. Choosing the right one will depend on a few factors, and it is important to select one that will meet your industry and company’s specific needs.

Steps for Selecting the Right Weighbridge
An unsuitable truck scale that does not serve your requirements will not only hinder your business, but could also mean your business breaks transportation regulations, thus creating a costly problem. Some steps to follow when picking out a truck scale include:

  1. Consider the Configuration – There are numerous configurations with a truck scale. However, you will need to choose between three general categories: full-length scales, single-axle scales and multi-axle scales. If you are weighing for commercial trade, you may want a multi-axle or full-length scale.

  2. The Installation Style – You can then choose between a pit-style and an above-ground weighing station. To use a pit-style weighbridge, you will need to excavate the ground and install a pit within the road’s surface. Above-ground scales are often more popular because they require less installation and ground preparation and they are easier to maintain and service.

  3. Reliability – There are a few factors that can influence your truck scale’s reliability and accuracy. For example, cell load systems that use quick disconnects instead of cables can be serviced more quickly. You also want a scale that protects cell load connection cables to prevent unnecessary downtime.

  4. Maintenance – You do not want to be stuck with a truck scale that requires constant maintenance or costs thousands per year in repairs.

  5. Overall Style – There are a few styles to choose from with your truck scale. Portable truck scales are ideal if your business needs to relocate to job sites and weigh rigs on the job. Flat-top truck scales are ideal for custom manufacturers. Combination truck and rail scales provide a single scale that is capable of weighing both types of rigs and include dual tandem axle weighing.

Buying Suitable Calgary Truck Scales Starts with the Right Vendor
There are dozens of choices and configurations when it comes to a truck scale. Whether you need to weigh cargo before transporting it or you need to weigh recyclable materials as they arrive at your facility, the quality and installation of the scale you purchase is critical. Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers various scale designs suited to the needs of your company and industry.

Learn more about our scale products or receive a free quote. Give us a call at 403-250-3232. Fill out an online contact form for more information on our truck scales in Calgary.

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