How to get the most out of your pallet truck scale

Pallet truck scales are manoeuvrable and efficient tools that are used to weigh and move cargo on pallets. These invaluable measuring tools are most often used in warehouses and at shipping docks. Here are six tips on how to get the most out of your pallet truck scale.

1. Use it on a stable, flat surface Always use your pallet truck scale on a flat, stable surface. Using it on uneven or soft terrain can skew the reading. You should also ensure there’s plenty of space to manoeuvre around the scale, so you don’t accidentally bump into it.

2. Use the zero and tare functions Before placing any weight on your pallet truck scale, make sure you zero it out. Using the zero function resets the scale and deletes any previous information to ensure your reading is as accurate as possible. Additionally, you can use the tare function to account for the weight of the pallet. To do so, simply weigh an empty pallet. The scale will record this weight and apply it to any subsequent measurements. Many pallet truck scales can store multiple tare weights at once.

3. Print and store data on the go Modern pallet truck scales often come with built-in printers or are compatible with remote printers, which allow you to print tickets or receipts on the go. This feature is useful for businesses that require hard copies of their transactions. Furthermore, many scales can interface with software applications to collect and store data.

4. Don’t overstack items Never place too many items on one pallet. Overstacking can cause large objects to topple over, resulting in severe injuries. Additionally, unstable loads can throw your readings.

5. Use the automatic switch-off function Pallet truck scales are battery-powered. Therefore, it’s important to conserve the battery to ensure your scale works when you need it. Fortunately, most scales come with an automatic switch-off feature that powers off the scale if you don’t take any measurements within a certain amount of time.

6. Store it properly Never leave your pallet truck scale under load. This can harm the load cells and permanently damage the unit. When you’re finished with your truck scale, remove any items, turn off the power and store it out of harm’s way. Follow these six tips to ensure your pallet truck scale continues to work for years to come.

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