Commercial Weigh Scale Rental

Rent or Buy? Deciding on Scale Rentals vs Purchases

Although you may use industrial scales daily for your business, you may not necessarily need to buy them. In some situations, renting your scales is a more logical and cost-effective option. But how do you know if it’s better to buy or rent? Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Renting vs Buying a Scale

  • Available funds – You might want to purchase a weighing system for your company, but do you have the funds to do it? If your business is short on cash, consider renting your scales. You can always buy the equipment later when your business is more profitable.
  • Overall cost – If you have the funds but are concerned with the overall long-term cost, buying your scales could be the better option. This is particularly true if you plan to use your scales for a long time. The higher upfront cost of the scales could be lower than the cost of renting time and again for several years.
  • Maintenance – When you rent weighing equipment, you typically don’t need to worry about paying for maintenance. Upkeep is typically part of the rental contract, leaving you with less responsibility and expense.
  • Fleet management – Purchasing your scales could be the right solution if you operate a fleet of trucks and can manage equipment. You’ll have more control over how you use your weighing systems.
  • Upgrade capacity – Buying your scales means you won’t be able to upgrade whenever new models with advanced technology arrive on the market. Renting equipment may be a wiser strategy if you upgrade regularly.
  • Seasonal or temporary need – Consider renting if your business requires a weighing system only for a short time. If the scales are going to sit idle for several months every year, it may not be worth the investment.
  • Mobility – Renting gives you more flexibility on the location of your weighing scales, as the equipment itself is mobile. Consider your long-term plans before investing in a permanent installation that’ll be costly and cumbersome to move.
  • Unexpected expenses – Has your weigh scale suddenly died, leaving you with a hefty repair quote? A scale rental may bridge the gap and prevent costly downtime while waiting for your broken scale to get fixed.

Rent Commercial Weigh Scales in Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we have a large inventory of commercial and industrial weighing equipment in our rental fleet. We inspect every piece to ensure it complies with all regulations. We serve clients throughout southern Alberta, from Banff to Oyen, and all the communities along Highway 3, from Lundbeck to Medicine Hat. Contact us today at our Calgary location to learn more about renting weigh scales.

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