The Benefits of Employing Batching Scales in Calgary Plants

As a Plant manager, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your plant efficiency and accuracy. To remain profitable, you need to ensure that your operation works faster, but without sacrificing quality control. With the use of intelligent scales, such as a batching scale, you can do just that.

5 Reasons Using Batching Scales in Red Deer Plants is Beneficial Scale systems are a significant investment, which is why many plants are hesitant about batching scale renting or even purchasing one outright. However, they are well worth the investment when you consider what they can do for your facility. Here are some important reasons plants should consider batching scales:
  • Combat Production Inefficiencies – When a plant operates based on weight, having a batching scale can reduce the amount of time your team needs to measure out products. With a batching scale, they simply add to the scale to meet the batch weight, and then move to the next step. It eliminates the risk of inefficient counting or inaccurate measuring.

  • Easy Integration – An automatic batching system easily integrates with your in-house PLC systems.

  • Easy to Use – You do not want to deploy a system that requires extensive training. So when you purchase an electronic batching scale, employees do not need to learn a complex system. Instead, they simply push a button, and the machine is programmed to do the rest.

  • Maximize Your ROI – As a business owner, you naturally want to see a return on any investment you make. When you reduce batching and mixing errors or the number of bad batches you must discard, you are improving your ROI instantly.

  • Quality Defense – When employees are producing products in high quantities, you want to ensure that every product meets your quality specifications. With batching scales, you have a quality defense measure in place that prevents bad batches and reduces the likelihood a client will receive a subpar product from your company.

Remember Batching Scale Servicing is Equally Important
There are benefits to having batching scales in Calgary plants, but your scale is only as accurate and efficient as the maintenance you put into it.

To ensure your scale is measuring correctly, you need to have it serviced regularly. The team at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. can provide you with periodic maintenance and servicing. Furthermore, we are a local batching scale supplier, so we carry a full range of scales to suit every warehouse need.

Whether you are looking to add a scale to your facility or you would like to replace your scale with newer technology, we can help you find the right one based on your budget and needs.

Call us at 403-250-3232 to learn about our batching scales. You can also complete an online contact form for quotes on batching scale renting and servicing.

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