This growing season, tip the scales in your favour

Using the proper scale can make the difference between having a profitable growing season and a less lucrative one. Here are four pieces of weighing equipment that you may want to have on your farm.

1. Hopper scale

Many farming products are stored in bins and hoppers. Hopper scales are designed to weigh a continuous product flow into batches, which enables precise control of inventory, feeding and dosage. This means fewer financial losses due to waste and poor inventory monitoring as well as increased efficiency. Hopper scales can also be certified “legal for trade,” ensuring you don’t lose money by overfilling grain containers and that your buyers get what they pay for.

2. Truck scale

There are a variety of truck scales available for purchase, and while they carry a significant cost, it can be highly advantageous to have one. First, they give you complete control over your inventory, making it easier for you to market it yourself. Second, if,you haul the bulk of your grain and oilseeds to elevators owned by major companies, having your own scale lets you save on shipping costs and ensures you won’t have to pay the fines that come with overloading a truck. Finally, owning a scale lets you double-check any shipments you receive.

3. Livestock scale

Animal weight calculations are crucial to estimating proper feed quantity, medication dosage, calving intervals, calf growth and overall production efficiency. That’s why livestock scales are so important. They come in single animal or group sizes and most of them can be used to weigh a range of livestock. With portable and stationary options available, they’re a smart investment for farming operations of any size.

4. Harvest tracking system

Harvest tracking systems are software solutions that can be coupled with existing scales to allow tracking of net loads and field production. These systems provide valuable information that can be used to increase efficiency. The Smart 1 processor remotely adjusts the scale so that the net weight of a harvest is recorded and logged. Opptional attachments provide clear signals to facilitate the process of driving on and off of the scale. The system’s USB flash drive interface allows for hassle-free data portability, and existing installations can be upgraded easily.

Commercial and industrial scale experts

Whether you’re thinking of having one of these scales installed or need weighing equipment calibrated or repaired, you can trust that Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. will provide excellent service. As Authorized Service Providers, we can also certify your scales according to Measurement Canada regulations. Call us today for more information about our products or to request an estimate.

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