What’s a counting scale and what is it used for?

Many industries use counting scales, which are weighing machines that can also count the objects they weigh. This combination of functions is extremely useful in industries that rely on checkweighing and those that need to stick to very specific part counts. They’re found in warehouses and quality control centres and come in a variety of sizes. Here’s what you should know about them.

How do they work?

To count objects, counting scales use a sample unit weight. This weight is either determined by weighing a single piece or by manually entering it. Then, the scale divides the total weight of the objects placed on it and divides this by the unit weight, providing an accurate count.

This is extremely useful if you have a lot of one thing that you need to count (for instance, when packaging bolts and screws). However, make sure that the pieces you’re weighing are all the same, otherwise the measurements won’t be of much use.

What are their applications?

Counting scales are most often found in quality assurance and retail distribution warehouses. In both cases, lots need to contain the appropriate number of units, and failing to do so could result in getting fined.

This kind of scale is also fairly common in other industries, especially those that rely on having access to parts and materials, such as construction and plumbing. In these cases, being able to simply weigh a box to determine how much hardware you have left is much quicker, and much more reliable, than counting the pieces by hand. Contact our team for more info!

How do I choose the right model?

Counting scales come in many sizes and with a wide range of features. Which model is best for your warehouse will depend on what you want to use it for. If you have lots of small, lighter things, a compact scale with high resolution is likely you best bet. In a warehouse setting, however, a floor scale that can handle higher weights is a better option. The best thing to do is discuss your requirements with an expert.

Scale sales and rentals

Whether you need to get your floor scales calibrated or want a new precision counting scale for your small business, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. has you covered. We offer a wide range of scales and services in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and Swift Current. Contact us today to find out more.

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