Why Is Scale Servicing Important?

When you use scales for your business, you need them to be as accurate and functional as possible. Failing to keep your scales calibrated and serviced could cost your company money.

If it has been a while since you had a professional inspect your scales, it is time to schedule an appointment for a service visit. 5 Reasons to Have Your Scales Service By scheduling routine maintenance for your scales, you will accomplish a variety of objectives. Consider these advantages of regular scale servicing:

  • Longevity of Equipment – Periodic maintenance will lengthen the lifespan of each of your scales. If there are any problems with your equipment, one of our professionals will catch it and repair it if possible. This will enable you to use your scales for a longer period of time without the need to replace them.

  • Better Performance – In addition to increasing the lifespan of your scales, getting them serviced will enhance their overall performance. When you make the investment of acquiring quality equipment, you should take steps to ensure that it delivers quality performance. Your scales must be professionally maintained in order to stay in top working condition.

  • Limited Effect of Poor Calibration – Sometimes, commercial scales are poorly calibrated in the manufacturing process. To reduce the chance that your scales are inaccurate, have them inspected by a Measurement Canada certified professional.

  • Improved Customer Relations – When you put forth the extra effort to make sure your scales are properly calibrated and working as intended, your customer relations will improve. Customers might not notice if items are being weighed properly, but they will be much more likely to notice if products are not being accurately weighed. You can prevent the loss of business by getting your scales serviced on a regular basis.

  • Industry Compliance – If you utilize a weighing system for your business, you may need to meet regulatory standards for your industry. By keeping your quality scales well maintained, you will help to ensure that your business is meeting the guidelines required to remain compliant.

Scale Calibration and Other Services in Alberta
Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. provides all of the scale maintenance that your business will need. Our test trucks are designed to accommodate whatever scale calibration and other maintenance needs your business might have. Our team members are highly qualified to inspect your weighing equipment.

We can also install the equipment your business needs, and you can be certain that you will always get a quality weighing system. We provide businesses with scales in Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Swift Current, Alberta. Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is proud to install and service the professional or industrial weighing equipment your company requires. Because we are Measurement Canada accredited, you can be confident that we will do the job right the first time.

You can reach us at 403-250-3232 to schedule a scale servicing appointment for your business. Please also feel free to request a quote online by filling out our contact form.

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