Extended System

The extended system includes a PC that is connected to the basic system using either one of the following methods:

  • Serial cable connected to communications port on SMART1
  • Cable connected to optional ethernet modem
  • Telephone line connected to optional dial-up modem
  • The PC maintains databases of all customers, cards and transactions.

The uploading of the data can be done in one of three different ways:

  • Automatic upload after every transaction
  • Upload on demand by the PC operator
  • Daily dial-out upload at a preset time

The PC software has an extensive report printing feature that allows the user to create printouts sorted by customer, truck or time/date ranges. The program can also store and remotely change all SMART1 parameters like date and time, threshold weights etc. and it enables the user to check the scale weight, printer status and memory space directly from the office. If connected via ethernet or dial-up modem, one PC can communicate with an unlimited number of unattended weigh stations.