Harvest Management System II

These systems are meant for keeping a record of net loads to show field production.

The system is comprised of:

  • APX Processor
  • Traffic light control ( Optional Methods )
  • Remote actuators in trucks (up to 6) to activate remote “on the fly” weighing process – including tare weights
  • Control Panel c/w RF Antenna, Receiving Units, etc.
  • USB Flash Drive Interface:
  • virtually unlimited transaction storage
  • data portability without the need for cables
  • * existing installations – require one available serial port on APX, USB upgrade kit, software revision

System overview:

  • Driver approaches scale and presses actuator button
  • Smart 1 would zero scale and green light activated ( Optional Methods )
  • Driver pulls fully onto scale and stops
  • Red Light is activated once scale is in motion. When motion ceases, the time, date, truck I.D. number, and net weight is stored for the current harvest field # and product #. The green light is activated and the truck leaves.
  • When 0 threshold is reached light goes red and system goes idle.
  • System works in conjunction with the Western Aurora Series Remote Display c/w Built-In Stop & Go Lights (4.5” Red LED Digits; 6 Digits; Red / Green Lights)
  • Operator has the option to print the report on the ticket printer or download harvest information to Microsoft Excel