Rice Lake Translink Parallel Link Truck Scale Assembly

The TRANSLINK parallel link truck scale assembly is designed for use with Rice Lake Weighing Systems RL75223 and RL75040A, Revere Transducer’s 5223 or Vishay Sensortronics’ 65040A load cells. This design allows the scale platform to move freely in all directions in a horizontal plane while causing the platform to selfcenter because of the pendulous action of the links. The unique parallel link design eliminates the need for costly and troublesome checkrods. Simply install platform bumpers and forget about over-travel. This mount is ideal for heavy-capacity weigh bridges.


  • Capacities: 25,000-100,000 lb. (11,339.8-45,359.4 kg.)
  • Center-supported, end-loaded double-ended shear beam design
  • Free movement in all directions in the horizontal plane with virtually no friction
  • Links provide optimal loading conditions for the cell
  • Completely self-centering
  • Requires no check rods
  • Utilizes cells with 3 mV/V output
  • Models available for RLWS RL75223 and RL75040, RTI 5223 and Vishay Sensortronics 65040A load cells