Western Aurora 10 Remote Display

At first glance, the Aurora 10 is a basic, 1 inch desktop remote display for up-close viewing applications. In reality, the combination of Western’s remote display platform with an added programmable keypad creates a device powerful enough to be a complete remote operator console! The keypad may be programmed to interact with various indicators and the printer port can print customized remote tickets or relay data to PCs and other devices.

Connectivity is the key. Aurora displays feature unique Auto-Learn Technology that is more than just a buzz word. A complex algorithm is used to really “learn” indicator transmissions without pressing any buttons, setting any dip switches or shifting any digits. This compatibility along with a host of pre-installed utility programs allows Aurora displays to be extremely flexible in practically any industrial environment.


  • Bright 1 inch (25 mm) digits with GR, NT, lb., kg., Motion & Center of Zero annunciators LEDs are spec’d for up-close and desktop viewing
  • Red & green “control” annunciators to communicate process status
  • Auto-Learn Technology automatically interprets data format of scale indicator
  • Quick installation & service
  • Send remote commands to the scale indicator via the keypad
  • Use pre-set configurations or uniquely program each key to interface with any indicator
  • Integrated radio option for wireless communications over several thousand feet!
  • No external housings or radio knowledge required
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum radio module with multiple radio channels

Additional features include:

  • Time & date
  • Mirrored display mode
  • Multi-drop capabilities. Run up to 8 scoreboards from a single serial connection
  • Available utility programs including Axle Weighing & Freeze Weight
  • Printer Compatible! Customized tickets are easily created using MACRO II Ticket System
  • Made in Canada