Western Aurora 45 – SL Remote Display

Save time and money by installing the innovative Aurora 45 – SL remote display with built-in RED / GREEN traffic light. The Aurora 45 – SL also shares the same 4.5 inch super bright LED display and features as the Aurora 45 (the most standard features of any display on the market). Controlled with a simple manual switch or through the scale indicator, the helpful traffic light improves driver directions, axle-weighing and other operations on your scale.

Connectivity is the key. Aurora displays feature unique Auto-Learn Technology that is more than just a buzz word. A complex algorithm is used to really “learn” indicator transmissions without pressing any buttons, setting any dip switches or shifting any digits. This compatibility along with a host of pre-installed utility programs allows Aurora displays to be extremely flexible in practically any industrial environment.


  • Bigger and brighter 4.5 inch (112 mm) digits with GR, NT, lb. & kg. annunciators
  • 5 inch (127mm) RED / GREEN traffic light
  • High-Intensity LEDs are easy to read in foul weather & direct sunlight
  • Viewing range in excess of 250 ft (75 m) over wide viewing angles
  • Auto-Learn Technology automatically interprets data format of scale indicator
  • External keypad allows access to Configuration Menu
  • Quick-Access enclosure for fast installation & service
  • LED lamps use less power than flip digits
  • Selectable brightness levels & automatic adjustment to ambient light conditions
  • Power Save Mode reduces brightness & power consumption during inactivity
  • Integrated radio option for wireless communications over several thousand feet!
  • No external housings or radio knowledge required
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum radio module with multiple radio channels

Additional features include:

  • Time & Date
  • Mirrored Display Mode
  • Multi-drop capabilities. Run up to 8 scoreboards from a single serial connection
  • Available utility programs including Axle Weighing & Freeze Weight
  • Made in Canada