Western Aurora 65 Remote Display

Viewing weights over long distances is no problem with the Aurora 65. The 6.5 inch, super bright LED digits and annunciators are not only larger, but utilize a thicker segment layout than competitive models, ensuring that scale information can be seen long range and in all lighting conditions. The Aurora 65 shares the same software as the Aurora 45, incorporating the most standard features of any display on the market.

Connectivity is the key. Aurora displays feature unique Auto-Learn Technology that is more than just a buzz word. A complex algorithm is used to really “learn” indicator transmissions without pressing any buttons, setting any dip switches or shifting any digits. This compatibility along with a host of pre-installed utility programs allows Aurora displays to be extremely flexible in practically any industrial environment.


  • Bigger and brighter 6.5 inch (165 mm) digits with GR, NT, lb & kg annunciators
  • High-Intensity LEDs are easy to read in foul weather & direct sunlight
  • Viewing range in excess of 300 ft (100 m) over wide viewing angles
  • Auto-Learn Technology automatically interprets data format of scale indicator
  • External keypad allows access to Configuration Menu
  • Quick-Access enclosure for fast installation & service
  • LED lamps use less power than flip digits
  • Selectable brightness levels & automatic adjustment to ambient light conditions
  • Power Save Mode reduces brightness & power consumption during inactivity
  • Integrated radio option for wireless communications over several thousand feet!
  • No external housings or radio knowledge required
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum radio module with multiple radio channels

Additional features include:

  • Time & Date
  • Mirrored Display Mode
  • Multi-drop capabilities. Run up to 8 scoreboards from a single serial connection
  • Available utility programs including Axle Weighing & Freeze Weight
  • Made in Canada