Western Aurora Alpha 12 Alphanumeric Remote Display

Functioning as both a secondary weight display and a messaging sign board, the Aurora Alpha 12 is the best choice for communicating scale data, driver instructions and other important messages for controlling plant operations. While the industry’s most advanced Auto-learn instantly displays scale data, message commands can be transmitted simultaneously from high-end indicators, PCs or other scale control devices. The automatic scrolling feature with variable speed adjustments makes messages of any length easy to read.

Aurora Alpha models have the same strong set of base features that have made the rest of the Aurora series so popular. High intensity LEDs, durable construction and multiple communication inputs (including wireless) are now complimented with an improved enclosure design, making these new units even more technician friendly.

Features of this option include:

  • 12 characters (3.5 inch / 88 mm) with GR, NT, lb. & kg. annunciators
  • 5 x 7 character matrix displays all printable ASCII characters
  • High-Intensity LEDs are easy to read in foul weather & direct sunlight
  • Viewing range in excess of 200 ft (60 m) over wide viewing angles
  • Auto-Scrolling makes it simple to transmit long messages
  • Smooth, variable speed scrolling makes long messages easier to read
  • External keypad & improved enclosure for fast installation & service
  • LED lamps use less power than flip digits
  • Selectable brightness levels & automatic adjustment to ambient light conditions
  • Power Save Mode reduces brightness & power consumption during inactivity
  • Integrated radio option for wireless communications over several thousand feet!
  • No external housings or radio knowledge required
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum radio module with multiple radio channels

Additional features include:

  • Built-in bargraph for batching and filling applications
  • Time & Date
  • Multi-drop capabilities. Run up to 8 scoreboards from a single serial connection
  • Available utility programs including Axle Weighing & Freeze Weight
  • Made in Canada