Western M2000A-1 Single Channel Weight Indicator

One scale channel, one serial port. The M2000A-1 has the same high performance and most of the features and functions of the M2000A, but at a reduced price. Best suited to single scale applications where speed and reliability are a must. M2000A-1 indicators are most often found on floor scales, bench scales and as parts of sophisticated weighing systems where Smart1 Microcontrollers or PC computers control the system operations.

A wide range of standard and optional features allows the indicator to be easily customized for a variety of customer needs. This versatility makes the M2000A-1 the ideal choice for both new installations and existing system upgrades.

The M2000A-1 is a fast, reliable and cost-effective indicator for today’s industrial weighing systems.


This option is fast:

  • 100 weight samples per second
  • FASTSTEP filtering: The industry’s most advanced algorithm-adjustable filter system

This option is versatile:

  • 1 scale channel
  • 1 fully configurable serial port
  • 4-20 mA analog output (optional)
  • 6 remote inputs (optional)
  • 6 setpoints (optional)

Other features include:

  • Use the Custom Ticket Editor to create weigh tickets and other programs like Truck In/Out, Axle Weighing, etc.
  • Store up to 100 Truck IDs with tare weights
  • Easy calibration to any test weight amount
  • Built-in software features! Technician and User friendly!

This option is accurate:

  • 1 million internal A/D counts
  • Up to 100,000 displayed divisions

This option is reliable and durable:

  • Proven design hold up to the tough environments and demands of industrial weighing
  • 5 available enclosure models to suit any application