Western Scalelink Wireless Transceiver

Finally a wireless solution specifically designed for the weighing industry! Right out of the box, the ScaleLink transmits and receives serial communications from all types of weighing equipment, including Scale Indicators, Remote Displays, Computers and Printers. New Diagnostic features and data checking take all the guesswork out of ensuring signal strength and data integrity.

Use the ScaleLink in place of any regular serial communications cable. Going wireless can eliminate the need for expensive wiring, trenching and conduits, even protecting weighing equipment from transient voltages such as those caused by lightning. A Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum transmission and multiple radio channels counter interference and ensure data communications in variable conditions across the landscape and within buildings.


  • LED display window to check transmit/receive data, parameter settings etc.
  • Scale Connect Mode simplifies the set-up process for connecting to Aurora displays
  • Supports all typical scale indicator transmission types
  • RS232
  • RS422
  • 20mA Current Loop (Active & Passive)

More Features

  • Aurora 45 SL Traffic Light Control
  • Multi-drop capability for up to 32 units
  • Direct Connect Mode for advanced applications