10 things to stop doing with your scale

For many industries, a scale is a vital piece of equipment. It’s also easily susceptible to damage and malfunction if used incorrectly. The following tips will help ensure your scale functions optimally for a long time. Here are 10 things not to do with your scale.

Load it unevenly.

If you don’t centre objects on your scale, the readings will likely be inaccurate. This can also damage the load cells over time, which will require repairs and recalibration.

Overload it.

This is the most common cause of a scale malfunction. Whether you’re using a floor scale or an outdoor truck scale, overloading it will almost certainly result in irreparable damage.

Expose it to water.

Unless your scale is designed to be used in humid environments, any exposure to water or moisture could damage the electronic components. Use it carelessly.

Even if the object weighs less than the scale’s maximum capacity, dropping a heavy load on your scale rather than placing it carefully can cause significant damage.

Leave it out in the cold.

Unless your scale is designed to be used in low temperatures, it likely won’t react well to constant exposure to cold weather.Weigh excessively large objects.

If an object is too big for the weighing plate, it won’t be weighed accurately. In addition, the uneven load could damage the load cells.

Weigh awkward objects improperly.

To reduce the risk of inaccurate readings and damage, try to hold unstable objects in place when they’re on the scale.

Skip on maintenance.

Scale maintenance isn’t optional. In fact, failing to have your scale regularly inspected and calibrated can turn a small problem into a serious issue down the line.

Fail to stabilize it.

All scales need to be placed on a level, stable surface to ensure they function properly. Additionally, if a scale is placed on an uneven surface, there’s a higher risk of a heavy load warping the scale or causing other serious damage.

Use an unreliable power source.

Faulty power adapters can cause a scale to give inaccurate readings. This can have serious consequences, especially if you use your scale to weigh products, measure dosages and bill clients.

Scale experts in Alberta

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