3 advantages of weighing scales in the mining industry

There are several advantages to using accurate and durable weighing scales in the mining industry. Scales help businesses comply with government and industry regulations and increase efficiency and profitability. Here are three ways weighing scales can give your mining company an advantage.

1. Prolong the life of your trucks

You should follow the 10-10-20 rule for loading your trucks: no more than 10 per cent of your loads should exceed 10 per cent of your target payload. You should also never exceed 20 per cent of your allowable payload. When you overload a truck, it puts undue stress on the vehicle’s tires, suspension and engine. Moreover, it burns more fuel. You can also incur fines and penalties for breaking transportation laws and industry regulations. If you overload your trucks, you’ll likely end up spending more time and money on repairs. Furthermore, your fuel bills will skyrocket. Additionally, your employees may be stuck troubleshooting and changing blown tires when they could be attending to other matters. Industrial truck scales help prevent overloading and prolong the lifespan of your valuable fleet. They also prevent you from under-loading your trucks, which can increase your business’ efficiency and bottom line.

2. Protect your commercial infrastructure

Besides being hard on your fleet, overloaded trucks also cause roadways to crack and deteriorate under the excess weight. Consequently, you’ll spend time and money repairing road surfaces to ensure steady traffic flow on your job site. Fortunately, an onboard truck scale can help you meet your payload targets with even greater efficiency than a truck scale. The scale is attached to the vehicle’s chassis. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time moving the truck onto a separate scale.

3. Increase your business’s efficiency

Modern scales can streamline your operations. For example, conveyor belt scales allow you to measure quantities in real-time during extraction, relocation, processing and storage. This means that you don’t have to remove the materials from the conveyor belt to weigh them. Additionally, front-end loader scales attach directly to your heavy equipment, providing accurate measurements while loading and moving materials.

Industrial scales in Calgary, Red Deer and Swift Current

Since 1992, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. has provided high-quality, industrial-strength weight scales to Alberta’s mining industry and other commercial clients. Our team is accredited by Measurement Canada to certify scales as legal for trade. Moreover, we provide certified inspections. If you need a quote for a weight scale, contact us today at our Calgary location.

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