4 benefits of portable truck scales

Accurate, dependable truck scales are essential for the safety of your drivers and your trucks. If you operate a business in the construction, mining or agricultural sector, inaccurate or inconsistent measurements can equate to profit losses. Every kilogram counts.

Benefits of portable truck scales Most industries use portable truck scales because they have a number of advantages over other types of scales. Here are just four.

  1. Mobility. Portable truck scales can go just about anywhere. They’re easy to transport and install, and you can move them quickly from one location to another. Mobility is a considerable advantage because you can bring the scales to your trucks rather than the other way around. It means you can better ensure your trucks are safely loaded before they go anywhere, preventing potential fines and excessive wear and tear on your fleet.

  2. Ease of use. Today’s portable truck scales are so easy to use, you don’t need special training to operate them. This will save you time and money.

  3. Durability. Portable truck scales are tough and can withstand heavy-duty use in the most hostile environments. Even on uneven terrain, today’s portable truck scales can give you accurate and dependable readings. Many scales come with overload protection features.

  4. Simple design. Most portable truck scales come with detachable ramps, which makes weighing easier. They also don’t take up a lot of storage space due to their compact design and convenient size.

Types of portable truck scales

There are two basic types of portable truck scales: portable axle scales and portable wheel weighers. Portable axle scales are incredibly flexible. They come in different sizes and weight capacities to suit any industry need. They’re low-profile and remarkably accurate. They’re small and lightweight enough that a single person can move them around. They can weigh axles individually or together. Portable wheel weighers, on the other hand, are simple systems consisting of small, lightweight load cells connected to an easy-to-read digital display housed in a portable casing. The advantage of portable wheel weighers is that trucks can pass over the load cells without stopping. Despite its small size, the scale is incredibly accurate and can handle the heaviest trucks.

Portable truck scales in Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we have a variety of fixed and portable truck scales for sale and rent. We regularly update our inventory with state-of-the-art industrial scales that meet the diverse needs of our Alberta customers. Our truck scales are made in Western Canada and are legal for trade. We’re certified by Measurement Canada for our scale inspection, installation and repair services. To get a free quote on our industrial portable truck scales, contact us at our Calgary location.

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