4 benefits of printing weight data

A retail scale can be an invaluable tool for various businesses, and many are equipped to connect to a printer wirelessly. Indeed, printing your weight data has more advantages than using a scale alone. Here are four benefits you should know about.

It improves customer satisfaction

By printing weight data onto labels, you’ll be able to better inform your customers about what they’re buying. Customers can see the weight of an item and know what they’re getting. Customize your labels to include your business’ name, phone number and name of the product.

It reduces errors

Printing data straight from your scale reduces the risk of human errors. Afterall, an employee could easily write down a scale reading incorrectly or re-enter it into a database the wrong way. Even the smallest typo can lead to a faulty accounting inventory and lost profits. In addition, a digital printout is easier to read than a hand-written one, so there’s less chance of measurements being misinterpreted. Plus, you can print out the same label as many times as you need.

It enhances efficiency

Printing directly from your scale eliminates steps in your data recording process, thereby saving time and energy. There’s no need for staff to rewrite or re-enter scale data. Using a label printer, you can attach the information to printed records to provide a clear copy of the weight, product, date and time the measurement took place, and the employee who used the scale.

It facilitates shipment tracking

If your business sends a lot of packages, you can cut down on the time it takes to prepare them for shipping and tracking. Simply print a sticky label straight from your scale with the key details. You can even include the destination name and address. The printed information will make it easier for your courier to deliver your packages to the correct location.

Scale printers in Calgary and Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we offer high-speed and compact retail printers that are designed to help you get the job done quickly. The Rice Lake Survivor SST3 Washdown Printer features a stainless steel enclosure to seal out moisture and dust. It’s perfect for printing in meat, food, and chemical plants. We also sell scale accessories such as load cells, mounts and software applications. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote.

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