4 benefits of using scales on farms

The agricultural industry is varied and requires an array of specialized tools. Besides tractors, trucks, and hay bailers, farmers must use scales to maximize their profits, track production and follow the law. The truth is modern farms would be unable to operate without scales. Here are four benefits of using scales on farms.

1. Weigh livestock

Farmers weigh livestock like cows, horses, sheep and pigs to help keep them healthy. For example, livestock scales help farmers determine the amount of food and water each animal needs. Scales also help determine the correct dosage of medicine and supplements. Sharp or unexpected changes in weight can be a sign of sickness or disease.

Moreover, farmers use livestock scales to identify when animals are ready for breeding. Additionally, weighing calves can help determine when to wean them. Farmers buy and sell livestock by weight. Therefore, accurate measurements can significantly impact their profits.

2. Measure feed

Livestock farmers must weigh the feed they give their animals. For example, farmers use hanging scales to weigh hay bales and beam scales to weigh corn. Accurately weighing feed ensures animals get the nutrition they need and reduces waste, maximizing profits.

3. Assess crop yields

Grain farmers need to know how much their fields are producing during harvest. Therefore, they often use truck scales, hopper scales and floor scales to measure the produce coming off their fields. Farmers also use weight data to determine storage space and estimate potential revenue. Additionally, farmers require accurate weight measurements when transporting grain. This ensures they’re carrying loads within legal limits.

4. Measure fertilizer and seed

Farmers routinely buy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to grow their crops. These products are bought and sold by weight. Therefore, accurate measurements ensure farmers get what they pay for. Moreover, using certified weight scales establishes trust along the supply chain. Lastly, farms of all sizes are legally required to use scales to buy and sell their goods. For example, if selling by weight, vegetable farmers are required by law to use certified scales to sell produce at farmers’ markets or to chefs and restaurant owners.

Livestock scale sales and service in Calgary

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we have a weight scale for every agricultural need. Whether you’re weighing cows, grain or fertilizer, we have a scale to help streamline your operations. Many of our models can even tolerate harsh Alberta weather. We’re also authorized to certify scales as legal for trade by Measurement Canada. To learn more, contact us at our Calgary location.

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