4 tips for removing snow from your truck scale

Not only do truck scales have to handle 30,000-pound semi-trucks, they also need to be able to stand up to the elements, including the snow, ice and freezing temperatures characteristic of Canadian winters. Although a quality truck scale is built with these conditions in mind, to perform well, it needs to be properly maintained. In winter, that means keeping the scale free of snow and ice. Here’s how to effectively perform this task.

Remove snow without damaging the platform

Robust as your truck scale is, it’s also a sensitive weighing instrument and needs to be treated with care. Clearing your scale with a snowplow or metal shovel is ill-advised, as you risk scraping the scale platform. Instead, clear your scale with a brush or plastic shovel. After larger snowfalls, opt for a time-saving solution such as a powered rotary brush or snowblower. Snowblowers are ideal, as they can blow the snow away from the sides of the scale. A buildup of snow alongside the scale can be problematic, as the snow can drift underneath it, causing suspension parts to freeze.

Clear ice using steam cleaning equipment

Ice makes scales dangerous to walk on and can cause inaccurate readings or even damage scale components. In particular, it can affect the suspension components and weighbridge joints.

By clearing away snow promptly, you can usually avoid ice buildup on the scale. However, after freezing rain, you’ll need to take steps to de-ice the platform. Using salt or chemicals isn’t recommended, as this can cause steel scale components to rust. The best tool for removing ice on your scale platform is steam cleaning equipment.

Set up barriers alongside the scale

As mentioned, you should avoid letting snow blow under your scale, as this can cause suspension components to freeze and thereby result in inaccurate weight readings. To prevent this, place barriers on either side of the scale. Some scale owners use hay bales for this purpose, but any solid barrier will do.

Invest in quality weighing equipment

It’s important to have a truck scale that can stand up to the elements. If you’re shopping for a new truck scale, be sure to choose a heavy-duty product designed to handle ice, snow and freezing temperatures.

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