5 Reasons Why Counting Scales Are Important in Calgary Warehouses

A counting scale is a versatile tool that allows commercial and industrial warehouses to weigh and count products. If your facility does not have a counting scale, you might want to consider the investment; especially if you have products that require piece counting by hand.

Benefits of Counting Scales Businesses in Calgary and Red Deer
Counting scales provide you with accurate results, especially when you compare them to hand counting. Just some reasons more commercial and industrial locations are using this form of technology include:

1. Versatility in the Industrial Spectrum – Counting scales can be used for a variety of applications within your warehouse. For example, you can use them in your receiving department to ensure you received the number of parts you ordered. They may also be used for counting inventory, providing the correct number is in your shipping boxes before you send them to customers, and to provide the right number of parts are used to create another component.

2. Increased Speed for Counting – If you rely on hand counting, you know how long it can take one employee to count out the needed number of parts. With a counting scale, your employees add the parts to the scale, and it tells them how much more to add or how many to take off.

3. Accuracy – Hand counting is prone to errors. An employee might become distracted and miss a component or accidentally add too many to the shipping, which means lost inventory and revenue for your company. With a counting scale, you get highly accurate results in less time than manual counting.

4. An Inexpensive Investment – When you free up an employee’s time, you are already saving money. A counting scale in Red Deer is relatively affordable to purchase, and with the savings you gain by reducing wasted time, it is one that eventually pays for itself.

5. A Variety of Options – When shopping for your counting scale, you will notice that there is a range of choices available. You can purchase one that has a standard counting feature, or you can upgrade to a model that offers you three displays, including the weight, quantity, and sample weight count. You can also opt for a bright LCD display so that you can easily see the numbers and counts. Counting scale weight limits will vary, but you can find scales that hold over 100 pounds at a time.

Increase Longevity with Counting Scale Serving
After you employ counting scales in your Calgary warehouse, the next step is to ensure their longevity and have your counting scale servicing done regularly. To have your scale serviced, it is better to work alongside a Measurement Canada Accredited business, like Accurate/Western Scale Co., Ltd. We have certified inspectors that can service all counting scales used in your facility.

Call us at 403-250-3232 to learn more about our counting scale servicing team or to have your counting scales serviced in Calgary. You can also complete an online contact form for information about our scales in Red Deer and surrounding areas.

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