5 signs your industrial scale may need to be replaced

Industrial scales must be accurate and reliable to ensure safe and successful operations. Unfortunately, they can become less dependable over time — especially if they’re not properly handled, maintained and stored. Here are five signs your industrial scale is no longer providing correct measurements and may be in need of replacement.

Inconsistent readings

If items that generally have the same weight begin to produce significantly different readings, it might be a sign that your scale isn’t functioning properly. Start by verifying that the device is sitting on a level surface. Move it if necessary, and weigh your objects again. If you continue to get inconsistent readings, try measuring an item with an exact weight, such as a five-pound weight. If your scale registers anything other than five pounds, you’ll know it needs to be calibrated or replaced.

Discrepancies between scales

If you get different readings for the same item on different scales, there could be something wrong with one or both of the devices. Calibrate them, or have a professional do so, to see if that resolves the issue. If the problem persists, you may need to replace your scale.

Unstable readings

This refers to when a reading doesn’t hold steady while an object is on the scale. Typically, it signals an electronic malfunction in the digital indicator. Unstable results can also occur alongside changes in humidity, due to the static charge in the air. Static discharges can cause the weight reading to drift.

Display issues

The performance of your scale’s weight display can be impacted by several factors. If the reading becomes difficult to see, check whether there’s an issue with the power source. If your scale runs on batteries, try changing them. Furthermore, when there aren’t any items on the scale, make sure the display shows a reading of zero. If this isn’t the case, it could be a sign that the scale needs to be calibrated or replaced.

Corrosive damage

Many types of scales can sustain damage in moist environments. Additionally, extreme temperatures can affect the internal mechanisms, causing them to malfunction. If you notice signs of rust or degradation, it might be time to replace your scale.

Industrial scales in Calgary

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