5 tips for maintaining an industrial scale

Regular maintenance ensures your industrial weigh scales are accurate and prevents downtime due to repairs, which ultimately saves you money. Here are a few things you can do to take better care of your scales and avoid costly repairs.

1. Check the scale daily

Assign an employee to check the scale regularly and look for dirt and debris buildup, bent or kinked cables and structural defects like cracks or rust. Have the employee report any faults so they can get repaired before your scale stops working completely.

2. Store the scale properly

At the end of the day, ensure your scales are stored safely and securely, away from high-traffic areas with a high risk of collision or accident. Moreover, if your work site is particularly dusty and dirty, cover your scale to keep it clean while you’re not using it.

3. Clean the scale regularly

Factories, warehouses and shipping yards are rife with dust, powders and debris that can get inside the scale and disrupt the electronic mechanisms. Debris accumulation on the scale platform can also cause inaccurate measurements. Ensure someone on the job site is assigned to clean the scale daily, including removing the load plate, if necessary, and cleaning underneath. If there’s a spill, clean the scale before using it again.

To ensure an effective clean without damaging your scale, use only cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Avoid misusing the scale

Misusing your scale can stress out the inner mechanisms and cause your scale to fail. Placing loads on the platform that are heavier than the scale’s capacity will overload the scale and damage the load cells. Moreover, failing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions by placing loads over the platform’s edge or failing to zero the scale before weighing will result in inaccurate measurements.

5. Schedule regular professional maintenance

Regular inspections by an experienced scale technician will ensure trouble-free performance. A certified technician can inspect and calibrate your scale and make any adjustments, catching minor issues before they lead to expensive repairs. Many reputable scale companies offer pre-scheduled maintenance plans, so managers and supervisors don’t have to worry about the last time the scales had a checkup.

Industrial scale maintenance and repair services in Alberta

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. provides industrial scale maintenance and scale repair services to clients throughout Alberta. We also offer a pre-scheduled maintenance plan where we’ll schedule your scale inspections for you. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our scale technicians.

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