8 uses for industrial hanging scales

Hanging scales accurately weigh large and heavy loads by suspending them rather than placing them on a platform. This makes them extremely useful for a variety of applications. Additionally, hanging scales are easy to transport and store. Here are eight uses for industrial hanging scales.

Weighing fish. Fishing vessels use hanging scales to measure their nets and weigh their hauls. Accurate measurements ensure their catches don’t exceed regulated limits.

Weighing fruits and vegetables. Grocery stores use hanging scales to measure the weight of fruits and vegetables. In fact, most grocers provide small hanging scales in their stores so customers can weigh their produce.

Weighing livestock and other animals. Hanging scales are useful in the agricultural industry for weighing livestock. Accurately weighing animals helps monitor their growth and allows farmers and veterinarians to detect unexpected weight changes. Using a hanging scale to weigh animals is easier and safer than getting unruly animals onto a floor or platform scale. Zoos use hanging scales for the same reason.

Weighing livestock feed. Farmers use hanging scales to weigh hay bales and feed to ensure animals get the correct amount of food. This is essential for animals on strict diets.

Weighing steel and other metals. Most metal is bought and sold by weight. Consequently, steel manufacturers use hanging scales to weigh rolls of metal before and after they’re cut. You can also find hanging scales at many scrap metal recycling yards.

Weighing mail. Postal services use hanging scales to weigh bags of mail. Weighing mailbags allow postal workers to pack mail appropriately and ensure each bag isn’t too heavy to lift.

Weighing luggage and cargo. The airline industry uses hanging scales to accurately weigh luggage to ensure items adhere to each airline’s weight guidelines.

Weighing shipping cargo. Shipyards typically use a hanging scale called a crane scale to measure containers and other large items before loading them onto ships. Shipping companies charge by weight, so accurately measuring large loads determines fair prices.

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Hanging scale rental services in Calgary
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