A brief guide to bench scales

Bench scales are compact, affordable and versatile tools suitable for various commercial applications. However, there are many models and styles to choose from with different functions and features. Here’s some helpful information about bench scales and how to choose the best one for your business.

What’s a bench scale? Bench scales are weighing instruments designed to sit on a counter or table. They don’t take up much space but generally have a large weighing pan. Some models have the display and keypad built right in, whereas others have a separate display that can be mounted to a wall for easy viewing. Bench scales aren’t generally suitable for weighing fine powders and weighty objects because their range is typically between two and 150 kilograms. In fact, many bench scales are designed explicitly for check weighing and counting. However, most are multi-functional and can be used for various applications. Bench-scale applications Bench scales have a variety of industrial and commercial uses, including:

  • Weighing fruits and vegetables at grocery stores

  • Weighing meat and fish

  • Weighing small animals in veterinary clinics and zoos

  • Weighing goods at farmers markets

  • Weighing ingredients in commercial kitchens and restaurants

  • Weighing screws, nails and bolts at hardware stores

How to choose a bench scale When choosing a bench scale, check the scale’s maximum weight capacity. High-capacity scales are typically less precise than small-capacity units. Also, make sure the weighing plate is large enough to accommodate the items you’ll be weighing to prevent overhang, which can skew your readings. Moreover, determine the scale’s linearity or graduation. This number determines the scale’s accuracy. For example, a scale graduation of 0.5 grams is more accurate than a scale with a graduation of 1.0 gram. Additionally, stainless steel scales with sealed keypads are easy to use and safe to wash down. If your workplace is dusty or messy, look for a scale with a high ingress protection (IP) rating. Finally, if you’re selling any commercial products by weight, you must use a scale that’s certified legal for trade.

Bench-scale features

Bench scales are often equipped with various innovative features, including:

  • Power-saving mode

  • Piece counting

  • Dynamic weighing that filters out vibrations

  • Rechargeable batteries and AC adaptors

  • Quick toggle between metric and imperial units

Many scales also come with USB ports that allow you to connect your scale to a laptop or a printer to quickly and easily compile data, track inventory and print tickets, labels and invoices.

Precision bench scales in Calgary, Red Deer and Swift Current

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we offer a wide variety of bench scales designed to suit any need. Furthermore, Measurement Canada accredits us to certify scales as legal for trade. Contact us in Calgary to learn more about bench scales and our other products and services.

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