A Quick Guide on Counting Scales for Companies

You know that using counting scales will help your business save time and money. While they are effective, they are only useful when purchased correctly. If you are shopping for scales in Red Deer or surrounding areas, it is imperative you know what to look for, what your measuring and counting needs are, and then find a company that follows the Weights and Measures Act.

Useful Tips for Purchasing Counting Scales and Using Them Even a high-quality, top-of-the-line counting scale will fail your business if it is not used correctly or it is used in a warehouse that should be using a different model. So, before you make the investment, consider the following tips:

  • Items Must Be Uniform Weight – A counting scale measures items of the same weight and tells you the product or item count. Therefore, you need all the elements of uniform weight when measuring.

  • Do Not Purchase a Counting Scale with a High Weight Capacity – If you only measure ten pounds of products at a time, there is no reason to have a 75-pound capacity counting scale. Only purchase the maximum counting capacity you need to ensure accurate results. Also, the higher the capacity, the lower the sensitivity of that scale.

  • Compliance with the Weights and Measures Act – If your business requires measuring devices, you must purchase one that is in compliant with the Weights and Measures Act. That means buying your scale from a company that is Measurement Canada certified, like Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd.

  • Use the Right Sampling – When setting the parameters of your measurement, it is best that you use 10 to as many as 25 pieces. The larger the sample size, the better the count.

  • Outside Sources Affect the Count – There are outside sources that might affect your count accuracies, such as vibrations on the warehouse floor, temperature changes, or a fan blowing on the scale. Be sure you place your counting scale in an area where it will not be distributed, and follow all manufacturer instructions for use and setup.

  • Resolution – The higher the internal resolution, the higher the counting accuracy for a sample size provided to the scale. Therefore, look for a unit that has a high internal resolution and displayed resolution.

  • Remote Scale – If you eventually have larger items to count, you may want to purchase an option that has a remote scale version. This allows you to add a floor scale and weigh larger components through your counting scale.

Counting Scale Servicing is Equally Important
In addition to purchasing the right counting scales in Red Deer, you must also have your scales serviced to maintain accuracy and stay in compliance with the Weights and Measures Act. Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is a Measurement Canada certified retailer. We not only sell a variety of counting and floor scales, but we can also service and repair.

Call us at 403-250-3232 to learn more about our counting scales. You can also complete an online contact form for information about numerous scale options.

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