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Best Scales For The Recycling And Solid Waste Management Industry

Scales are integral in the waste management and recycling industry. They track the amount of waste collected and monitor the inputs and outputs during material recovery and disposal. There are many types of industrial scales to choose from. Here are some of the scales that can benefit waste management companies.

Floor Scales

Floor scales are used to weigh waste as it moves in and out of a processing facility. Floor scales can sit on level flooring or be installed in a pit where the scale platform is even with the surrounding floor. You can place waste directly on top of the scale or use a forklift to place a pallet on the weighing platform.

Forklift Scales

Forklift scales increase efficiency because you can weigh loads and transport them at the same time. Not only do they measure weight, but they can also provide essential data such as storage location and the origin of the waste products. Using a simple barcode scanner, forklift operators can capture all this data and send it wirelessly to your computer network in real-time.

Truck Scales

Truck scales are essential to capture weight data as trucks carrying waste enter and exit the waste management facility. There are several types of truck scales:

  • A permanent weighbridge for trucks to drive over
  • A portable truck scale that can be easily moved to the most convenient location
  • An onboard truck scale that measures the truck’s load during transport

Truck scales can help track incoming loads and prevent overloading your trucks, which causes excessive wear and tear on your fleet. They can also safeguard against overweight penalties.

Rail Scales

Rail scales are useful for weighing significantly heavy loads, allowing you to weigh loads of more than 154,000 kilograms. You can configure a rail scale for static or in-motion weighing. Rail scales take the form of modular decks, spaced to match the distance between the train’s wheels. They can also be combined with truck scales to increase versatility.

Do Your Research

Waste management facilities are dirty and harsh environments for scales and other electronic equipment. Ensure that the scale you choose is impervious to water and easy to clean and maintain. Consult a scale technician to explore your options and help you find the best scale for your operation.

Floor And Forklift Scale System Installation And Maintenance In Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we specialize in industrial floor and forklift scale system installation and maintenance services for Alberta customers. Our scales and calibration work are certified by Measurement Canada as legal for trade. Contact us today to learn more about our scales and services.

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