Certified Scales Help Ensure Safety & Compliance in the Food Processing Industry

Processing and selling food is a highly regulated industry. It requires adherence to safety standards and protocols, including precise measuring on a certified industrial scale in Alberta. This article will explore scale certification and how compliance with Measurement Canada’s regulations ensures safety in the food processing industry.

Scale Certification

Alberta is under the jurisdiction of Measurement Canada. Therefore, industrial/commercial scales used in Alberta’s food processing industry must be examined by a certified Measurement Canada inspector following the established schedule: some sectors need to have their scales examined every year (i.e. fishing), every two years (i.e dairy), or every five years (i.e. retail).

To be certified, the scale must be calibrated per the national standards. If it is not, the business owners can be fined from $2,000 to $50,000.

The Importance of a Certified Scale

Scale certification is not simply a question of Measurement Canada compliance; it is also a means to ensure:

  • Quality Assurance for your product and comparable products on the market. By implementing rigorous quality control measures during weighing processes, you will maintain product consistency and safety.
  • Precision Measurement of ingredients, final product, packaging, and shipping requires precise weighing instruments and techniques.
  • Adherence to Regulations for your specific food industry’s regulations and standards that guarantee food safety and meet legal requirements.

Types of Scales in the Food Industry

Various certified scales are used in the food industry to meet the three elements mentioned above. In Alberta, the main types of scales used in the food industry are:

  • Floor and bench scales: measure pallets of products, trolleys, bins, small packages, individual items
  • Checkweighers: allow for a weight range of separate items of different weights
  • Industrial Counting scales: useful for weighing a high volume of the same product

Industrial Counting Scales

Industrial counting scales are an excellent time-saving tool in Alberta’s food industry sector because they allow the quick and easy calculation of individual packages or products. They are an excellent example of integrating technology into the weighing process to enhance efficiency and minimize errors in the production process.

Training & Certification

Whether you use an industrial counting scale or another certified scale, comprehensive training for all personnel involved in weighing processes is required to ensure proper handling and compliance with safety protocols within your industry. Proper training also helps maintain calibration and certified scale status.

Where to Find Food Industry Scales in Alberta

Contact Accurate Western Scale in Calgary, Alberta, for industrial counting scale sales and services. We offer a variety of scales, accessories, and software applications for all your weighing needs. We are also accredited by Measurement Canada as an authorized scale inspector, so we can inspect and certify your scale.

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