Everything You Need to Know About Batching Scales for Your Warehouse in Alberta and Surrounding Area

Any time you must carefully mix several various ingredients together, proportions must be exact. Batching scales are often used in food production, industrial manufacturing, and pharmaceutical laboratories where components are controlled and processed based on weight.

If your company has been manually weighing critical components, now is the time to learn about batch scales and see how you could dramatically improve accuracy and quality control. Batching Scales in Calgary: A Few Helpful Reasons to Buy One Now Batching scales are used in many Red Deer facilities because they are more accurate than manual measures. When quality control is critical, you cannot allow the potential for human error. Here are just a few facts to know about batching scales:

  • Saves on Production Time: When components must be measured manually, an employee physically weighs them before discharging and processing. With batching scales, the time-consuming nature of weighing is eliminated, and with automated scales, a system automatically delivers the appropriate amount without human intervention.

  • Scales Must Be Certified: When using batching scales for sales charged by weight, the scale must be certified and designated legal-for-trade. Most batch scales sold to commercial warehouses are certified. However, your company can have a private certification done.

  • Suitable for Basic Batching: Industrial digital filling scales are ideal for basic batching. A separate point value is assigned per ingredient, and once that component reaches the point value, output ceases.

  • Save Formulas for Faster Production: With the right digital filling scale, you can save formulas in the system so that you can batch out and produce products without having to reprogram each time you switch products.

  • Multiple Component Capacity: Today, batching scales are much more advanced. They can handle various components for single product production at a time. To change products, you can upload the new specifications and weights via a USB port.

Add a Batch Scale to Your Production Line and See the Difference
Batch scales are more accurate than human measurements, and they can be customized to suit the needs of your production line. When you work in an industry that requires precise measurement, you need maximum accuracy while still saving time on production. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we can help. We carry an extensive selection of batch scales to suit almost any industry. If you need scale servicing on your Red Deer units, we can also perform preventative maintenance and repairs.

Learn more about our scale certifying and servicing options by calling 403-250-3232. You can also complete an online contact form to inquire about batching scales in Central and Southern Alberta, Southern British Columbia and Saskatchewan including Calgary and Red Deer.

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