Factors to Look for in Cattle Scales in Alberta

Ranch life and Western Canada have gone hand in hand since the days of cattle drives. However, today’s cattle operations are effectively managed businesses with collecting and measuring data about livestock performance now standard practice. Cattle weight calculations are used to estimate everything from proper feed quantity and medication dosage to calving intervals, calf growth, cow weight or condition, and herd production efficiency. To gain those measurements, today’s ranches, farms, and stockyards require efficient and accurate livestock scales.

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers both multi and single animal scale systems including single ended bending beam load cells, uniball rod ends, clevises, and indicators for the customer to customize their livestock scale system to any size that they require. The benefits are numerous, beginning with their return on investment – electronic (load-cell) cattle scales improve efficiency and productivity while minimizing the time, cost, and effort of weighing cattle over labour intensive traditional weighing methods. To ensure you invest in the right scale system for your ranch or farm, consider your budget, needs, and limitations in order to make an informed choice. Ask yourself:

  • Where will it be used – is a permanent or portable system better?

  • How many animals – permanent systems allow you to weigh larger herds in single sessions, while portable systems are better suited for those with smaller herds and multiple weighing locations.

  • Your environment – select a heavy-duty scale that can take your working environment.

Modern electronic scales are comparatively inexpensive, highly accurate, and much easier to install than traditional mechanical scales. Scales designed specifically for use with livestock offer a wide range of benefits for the farming industry, and are no longer a luxury that only large establishments can afford. Livestock scales are available in a wide range of sizes, capacities, weighing technologies, and specifications to suit the varied needs of different farmers. Many kinds of livestock scales can also be custom built to suit your requirements and may include accessories like gates, load bars, and digital weight indicators that can help streamline your weighing processes, reducing your time, and labour investment. Common types include:

  • Flat livestock scales;

  • Single animal scales;

  • Portable and mobile livestock scales;

  • Stationary livestock scales;

  • Livestock truck scales; and

  • Livestock ring scales.

Contact Accurate/Western Scales Co. Ltd. for Certified Cattle Scales in Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scales, we’re proud to offer a wide range of industrial and professional scales, and we’re Measurement Canada Accredited, so you know that the measurements you get from our equipment are accurate and precise. If you have questions, are ready to get started, or need a quote in Western Canada – call Accurate/Western Scales at 403-250-3232 today.

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