How to care for your truck scales in winter

Whatever the season, regular maintenance of your truck scales is a must. However, Winter weather tend to take the biggest toll on outdoor weighing systems. That’s why it’s crucial to stay on top of maintenance during the winter. Here are some tips for keeping your truck scales in good shape over winter.

Keep your truck scales clean

Ice, snow, water, dirt and debris can find their way into cracks and build up around the load cells. This can compromise the accuracy of the scale and cause components to degrade. Notably, the copper wires in the load cell cables can corrode when exposed to moisture. Moreover, load cells and their suspended components need to be able to move freely in order to work properly. A buildup of dirt, debris, ice or snow will impair their functioning.

Check the foundation

Even the best quality scale won’t function properly on a poor foundation. Cracks or chipped edges on the concrete foundation supporting your scale will end up causing calibration issues. Concrete foundations are particularly vulnerable to cracking in winter due to freezing temperatures, high levels of moisture and the freeze-thaw cycle. So it’s important to check your foundation regularly to spot developing cracks. By detecting and repairing small cracks early, you prevent them from becoming large and affecting the functioning of your scale.

Get your scale professionally inspected

Truck scales should be professionally inspected at least every six months. Winter inspections are especially important, since your truck scale is more vulnerable to problems in this season. Calibration by a professional will ensure that your scale is accurate and, crucially, will reveal potential issues. Moreover, a scale technician will inspect the foundation, weighbridge, load cells, junction boxes, wiring and terminal, all of which are at risk of incurring damage as a result of winter weather.

For greater convenience, be sure to work with a scale technician who is able to inspect, recalibrate and repair your scale, so that these tasks can be performed in the same appointment.

Truck scale installation and inspection services in Alberta.

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