How to connect your digital computing scale to your computer?

Scales do more than weigh an object. Retail computing scales like the Kilotech KRS-3000 price computing scale also collect and store data so you can easily track sales, monitor inventory, and access records. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for connecting your scale to your computer, so here’s an overview of standard methods.


A cable compatible with an RS-232 port is one of the most common ways to connect a scale with a computer. The cable, with nine pins on one end and nine holes on the other, is secured with two screws on either side of the connector. However, this method is outdated and is being replaced by modes that move data more quickly. Your computer may not have the correct port to connect this way.


Computer manufacturers are replacing RS-232 ports with USB ports, which transfer data more quickly and are easier to use. USB cables are inexpensive and readily available. Using a USB cable allows you to see the scale indicator on your computer screen and control its functions. You can also extract the scale’s data, download it to your computer and analyze it using various software.

Computers can monitor and control several scales at once. However, most PCs are equipped with just two USB ports. If you want to connect with more than two scales, you’ll need a USB hub.

Flash drive

If your computer is too far from your scale to connect it with a cable, you can always transfer data using a USB flash drive or thumb drive. Insert the USB port into your scale, collect and save your data, then remove the drive and insert it into the USB port in your computer to upload the information.


Ethernet, or LAN, is a wired local network of devices, including computers, printers and scales. The cables look like larger versions of phone cables and snap into place. The cables run to a central hub, allowing all the devices connected to the hub to communicate with each other.

Wireless network

Wireless technology has exploded in recent years, replacing cables and drives. Scales equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology require only Wi-Fi to connect with a computer. This method means your units don’t have to be in the same room to connect. In fact, you can connect with your scale from anywhere in the world at any time.

Digital computing scale sales in Alberta

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